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Section B - Qualifying and Championship Events - General for all Qualifying and Championship Events - 110 Panel of Officials Shall Remain the Same for all Segments

At all Skate Canada qualifying competitions and championship events, the panel of officials (referee, technical controller, technical specialist, and assistant technical specialist, judges) shall remain the same for all segments of an event. Judges may be different for segments of an event.

Although the use of a full technical panel is recommended (as defined in CPC Regulations Section A – General Regulations, Item 140 3.), the technical panel for pattern dance event segments without any key points or associated levels of difficulty can be run with only a technical controller assigned. A full technical panel (as defined in CPC Regulations Section A – General Regulations, Item 140 2.) must be assigned for any pattern dance events where the dances are assessed using key points and associated levels of difficulty, and the free dance segment.

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