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Section B - Qualifying and Championship Events - Regional Synchronized Skating Championships - 510 Determining Assignments

  1. DETERMINING ASSIGNMENT OF THE TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE: A technical representative or chief referee will be recommended by the hosting section Officials Committee or equivalent at least six months prior to the holding of the event for approval by the Section Executive Committee.
  2. DETERMINING ASSIGNMENTS OF JUDGES: The technical representative or chief referee together with the section evaluators’/judges’ chair or equivalent and the Section Officials Development representative or equivalent will select the judges’ panels and create the working assignments for the judges at a regional competition.
  3. DETERMINING ASSIGNMENTS OF TECHNICAL OFFICIALS: The technical representative or chief referee together with the hosting Section Evaluators’/Judges’ chair or equivalent and/or the hosting Section Technical Officials chair (if such a position exists within the section) will select the technical officials’ panels and create the working assignments for the technical controllers and technical specialists at a sectional competition.
  4. DETERMINING ASSIGNMENT OF DATA SPECIALISTS: The chief data specialist and data specialists shall be assigned by the hosting section Data Specialists Committee.
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