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Section B - Qualifying and Championship Events - General for all Qualifying and Championship Events - 120 Guest Technical Officials

  1. TECHNICAL OFFICIALS FROM OTHER ISU MEMBERS ON THE ISU LIST: Technical controllers and technical specialists on the most current ISU list who are members in good standing with other ISU members may officiate at Skate Canada invitational, qualifying and championship events without further qualification.
  2. TECHNICAL OFFICIALS FROM THE UNITED STATES: Technical controllers and technical specialists on the most current United States Figure Skating Association list who are members in good standing of that association may officiate at Skate Canada invitational, qualifying and championship events to the level equivalent with their qualifications upon confirmation from the USFSA. If the official goes on to become a Skate Canada member he or she may be granted the equivalent Skate Canada qualification(s).
  3. TECHNICAL OFFICIALS FROM OTHER ISU MEMBERS: Technical controllers and technical specialists who are members in good standing of other ISU member federations may officiate at Skate Canada invitational/interclub competitions upon confirmation of qualifications by the ISU member federation of which the official is a member. Foreign technical controllers and technical specialists must become members of Skate Canada and pass the respective level of practical examination before officiating at Skate Canada qualifying and championship events. This practical examination may be conducted at any invitational/interclub competition conducted using the CPC judging system.
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