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Diamond Dance Patterns - 3675 Rhumba


  • Rhumba 4/4


  • 44 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 176 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 4 sequences is 1:00 min

The Rhumba is a lively but soft and subtle dance that must be skated with hidden power and control.

The Rhumba is skated in Kilian hold throughout with both partners executing the same steps. The dance starts with a chassé followed by a double change of edge on step 3. The left forward outside edge is held for 2 beats while the free foot is brought to the side of the skating foot followed by a lift and a pronounced outward movement on beat 3 coinciding with a rise of the skating knee as the edge is changed to inside and then back to outside. Step 4, which is crossed in front, is followed by a bold outside edge on step 5.

Step 6 is a cross roll and step 7 is a cross behind. The right foot is then extended wide (the man’s right leg passes over his partner’s left) for step 8. Step 9 is placed at the side of the right foot, and then step 10 is crossed behind. Steps 10 to 14 are held for 4 beats each with each step commencing on the third beat of the measure. A further wide step is made on step 11 with the woman crossing her leg in front of the man’s and on this edge the man takes the lead. Step 12 is a wide-stepped crossed in front open choctaw immediately followed by a back wide-stepped crossed behind closed choctaw on step 13. On the latter the left foot is drawn back and placed inside the circle. The free leg must be well controlled after the turn so that it moves forward immediately to ensure that the 2nd choctaw is a choctaw and not a mere step forward. Care must be taken to ensure that a full 4 beat edge is skated after both choctaws.

In order to facilitate the simultaneous three turns on step 14, the woman must move slightly ahead of her partner. The free leg swings in front before the turn. The free leg position after the turn is optional. Step 15 is a cross roll and step 16 is crossed in front in order to facilitate stepping forward to restart the dance.

Care must be taken to preserve the smoothness of the Rhumba and to prevent the dance from becoming excessively bouncy or jerky. The tendency to jump steps 8 and 11 must be avoided. If these steps and the choctaws are not stepped wide enough, the dance loses much of its strength.


  • Walter Gregory

First Performance

  • London, Westminster Ice Rink, 1938


Hold  Step no.  Step
(same for both)
Number of Beats of Music
Kilian 1 LFO 1
  2 RFI-Ch 1
  3 LFOIO 2+1+1
  4 XF-RFI 2
  5 LFO 4
  6 CR-RFO 2
  7 XB-LFI 1
  8 Wd-RFI 1
  9 LFO 2
  10 XB-RFI 4
  11 Wd-LFI 4
    Wd-XF Op Cho  
  12  RBO 4
    Wd-XB Cl Cho  
  13 LFI 4
  14 RFI3 4+2
  15 CR-LBO 2
  16 XF-RBI 2


International Dance

Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union

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