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Senior Silver Dance Patterns - 3679 Cha Cha Congelado


  • Cha Cha 4/4


  • 29 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 116 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:07 min

This dance is designed to introduce dancers to a Latin American rhythm at an early stage of development and help them to appreciate rhythm not only with their feet, but also with their bodies. The steps are structured in places so as to portray the feeling of “1, 2 cha-cha-cha’’. Individual interpretation by couples to add Cha Cha character is permitted provided that integrity of steps, free leg positions and dance holds are maintained. Retrogressions on pattern transitions are permitted.

Steps 1 and 2 are skated on a lobe towards, then away from the barrier. Steps 3 and 4 are slip steps. The man skates three slip steps (steps 3, 4 and 5) of ½ beat each but on the last one the man remains on his left foot for another ½ count and the right foot is lifted. The woman skates three slip steps also but as she completes her third slip (step 5a) she crosses the left foot behind on the second ½ count for step 5b. There is a tendency for ladies to omit step 5b due to the difficulty of the weight transfer onto the step. Credit should be given by the judges to those ladies who can perform it properly. Steps 1–5 are skated in outside hold and give the timing of a “1, 2 cha-cha-cha”. On step 6 the dancers change to hand-in-hand hold (woman’s right hand in the man’s left, woman’s left hand in the man’s right) to skate a series of cross in front touch down steps*. On step 7, the man changes sides to the right of the woman’s tracing as he turns his rocker and she does her three turn. After they make their turns on step 8, the woman is on the left of the man’s tracing, switching to his right side after step 9.

On step 10 the partners assume closed hold and on step 11, both partners extend the free leg to the back on the third beat (musical count 1). On step 14, the woman releases her left hand from the open hold and passes under the man’s left arm as she does the mohawk.

On step 23, the woman places her left hand in the man’s right hand. Step 24 is a swing closed mohawk for both dancers, but in opposite directions so that they turn their back towards each other releasing hands. On step 25 the woman places her right hand in the man’s left. Note that step 25 is a cross in front for both (XF-RBI for the man; XF –LBO for the woman).

Steps 27 to 36a are skated in Kilian hold and steps 27–36 are the same for both partners. They skate a series of touch down steps* in Kilian hold (steps 27 –29.) Leading to the conclusion of the dance is an extremely deep left forward inside edge for both. It is permitted to retrogress on the pattern as long as this is reflected in a degree of control. The woman then executes an open mohawk (her steps 37a and 37 b) to be in position to restart the dance.

Note: Steps 6-9 and 27-29 should be skated with a brief but decisive weight transfer (touchdown) to the other foot on the ”and” between counts returning to the original edges.


  • Bernard Ford, Kelly Johnson, Laurie Palmer and Steven Belanger

First Performance

  • Richmond Hill, Ontario, 1989


Hold Step No. Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music Woman’s Step
Outside  RFI-Pr      LBI-Pr
  LFO      RBO
  LF-Rff Slip Step    ½    LB-Rff Slip Step
  RF-Lff Slip Step    ½    RB-Lff Slip Step
  5a  LF-Rff Slip Step    ½  LB-Rff Slip Step
  5b  (R foot lifted forward at end of step)      ½  XB-LBO (R foot lifted forward at end of step)
Both hand-in-hand  XF-RFO with L-Td    1 & 1    XF-RBI with L-Td
  XF-LFO with R-Td   1 & 1    XF-LBI/R-Td
    LFO-Rk   “and”   /LBI3
  XF-RBI with L-Td    1 & 1    XF-RFO with L-Td
  XF-LBI with R-Td    1 & 1    XF-LFO with R-Td
Closed 10a   RBO    RFI
  10b  LFI      ClMo
  11  RFI   4   LBI
    LFO   “and”   RBO
  12  RFI-SlCh      LBI-SlCh
Open  13  LFI      RFO
  14  XB-RFO      XB-LFI
  15  LFI-Ch      RBI
Closed  16  RFO      LBO
  17  LFO3  1+1    RBO
  18  RBO      LFO
Open  19  LFO      RFI
  20  RFI      LFO
  21  LFO      RFI
One hand-in-hand 22  RFO     LFI
    LFI-Ch   “and”   RFO-Ch
  23  RFO     LFI
    Sw-ClMo   musical count 4 - 1- 2   Sw-ClMo
  24  LBO      RBI
  25  XF-RBI      XF-LBO
Kilian 26  LFO 2   2 RFI
    RFI-Ch   “and”    
  27  LFO with R-Td    1 & 1    LFO with R-Td
  28  XF-RFI with XB-L-Td   1 & 1    XF-RFI with XB-L -Td
  29  LFO with R- Td    1 & 1    LFO with R -Td
  30  XF-RFO      XF-RFO
  31  XB-LFI      XB-LFI
  32  RFI     RFI
    LFO-Ch   “and”   LFO-Ch
  33  RFI      RFI
  34  LFO      LFO
  35  XB-RFI      XB-RFI
  36  LFI SwR      LFI SwR
  37a  RFI    RFI
Open 37b        LBI
  38  LFO      RBO



Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


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