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Senior Silver Dance Patterns - 3665 Starlight Waltz


  • Waltz 3/4


  • 58 measures of 3 beats per minute
  • 174 beats per minute


  • Set


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:10 min

The character and rhythm of this dance are similar to that of the Viennese Waltz.

The dance starts in closed hold with three chassé sequences for both partners. The third step of each chassé sequence must finish on a strong outside edge. After the third chassé, both partners skate a 6 beat change of edge on step 9. The movement of the free leg during the second 3 beats of step 9 may be interpreted as the skaters desire. Both partners skate a 6 beat swing roll on step 10. Continuing in closed hold during steps 11 to 15, the man skates three 3-turns while the woman skates two. During this sequence, freedom of movement and interpretation is left to the discretion of the partners, except that they must remain in closed hold. Care should be taken that these three turns are not whipped. After the man’s final three turn on step 15 he skates a back progressive while the woman prepares for her outside closed mohawk (steps 16a &16b). Both partners hold step 17 for 6 beats, accenting count 4 with a lift of the free leg.

Step 18 is skated in open hold. The man holds step 19 for 3 beats while the woman skates an open mohawk. The partners then resume closed hold for the swing roll on step 20. The woman then turns into open hold and while the man does a chassé, she skates another open mohawk. The partners resume closed hold for another swing roll on step 23. The “chassé/mohawk” sequence is reversed once more during steps 24 and 25. During the above three mohawks the woman may place the heel of the free foot to the inside, or at the heel, of the skating foot before the turn.

During step 26, the man releases his left hand and places it across his back. The woman then clasps his left hand with her right hand. The man releases his right hand so that, on step 28, he can turn his three behind the woman. During steps 26 to 28 the man may bring his right arm forward or place it by his side.

Steps 27, 28 and 31 are commenced by the man as cross rolls and steps 27 and 31 as cross rolls by the woman. Step 29b for the woman is a cross behind chassé after which she must be careful to step beside, not step ahead. On completion of step 29, the partners assume Kilian hold that is retained until step 32. On step 32 the man skates a slide chassé while the woman turns a swing three turn, with a backward lift of the free leg in time with the music, into closed hold to restart the dance.


  • Courtney J. L. Jones and Peri V. Horne

First Performance

  • London, Queens Ice Rink, 1963


Hold    Step No.  Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music Woman’s Step
Closed  LFO      RBO
  RFI-Ch      LBI-Ch
  LFO      RBO
  RFO      LBO
  LFI-Ch      RBI-Ch 
  RFO      LBO 
  LFO       RBO
  RFI-Ch       LBI-Ch 
  LFOI    3+3    RBOI 
  10  RFO-SwR      LBO-SwR
  11  LFO3  2+1    RBO
  12  RBO    2+1  LFO3
  13  LFO3  2+1    RBO
  14  RBO    2+1  LFO3
  15  LFO3  2+1    RBO
  16a  RBO    LFO
  16b  LBI-Pr      ClMo
Open  17  RBO      RBO
  18  LFI      LFI
  19a  RFI    RFI
Closed  19b        LBI
  20  LFO-SwR      RBO-SwR
  21  RFO      LFI
  22  LFI-Ch      RBI
  23  RFO-SwR      LBO-SwR
  24  LFO      RFI
  25  RFI-Ch      LBI
(see text)
26  LFO      RBO
  27  CR-RFO      CR-LBO
  28  CR-LFO3  2+1    RFO
  29a  RBO    LFO
  29b        Xb-RFI-Ch
Kilian  30  LFO      LFO
  31  CR-RFO-SwR      CR-RFO-SwR
  32a  LFO    3+3  LFOSw3
Closed 32b  RFI-SlCh       


International Dance




International Dance


Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union

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