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Junior Silver Dance Patterns - 3661 Harris Tango


  • Tango 4/4


  • 27 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 108 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 58 seconds

Very erect carriage must be maintained throughout this dance. The partners should skate close together. Neat footwork and good flow are essential. The pace must be maintained without obvious effort or visible pushing. The dance consists of quick crossed steps skated on shallow curves interspersed between slower rolls skated on strong curves, followed by a promenade skated in open position.

At the end of the introductory steps the partners should be in outside hold with the woman to the right. The man makes two quick cross steps (steps 1 & 2), the first crossed in front, the second crossed behind (a crossed chassé sequence). The woman skates a similar sequence, the first crossed behind and the second in front. These quick steps are followed by a 4 beat roll (step 3*) during which the couple assumes closed hold. During or at the end of the roll, the partners return to outside position but this time the woman is on the left. The next lobe consists of the same sequences skated on the opposite feet.

The third lobe starts with a shallow front-crossed right outside rocker for the man on step 7 followed by two quick cross steps (steps 8 & 9), the first crossed behind, the second in front. The woman crosses behind on step 7, then steps forward for two steps, crossing on the second step. Step 10 is another roll in which the couple assume closed hold. During or at the end of the roll, the partners return to outside hold with the woman on the left. The next lobe consists of another double cross step and roll sequence.
* The couple does not need to be in closed hold for the full 4 counts of steps 3, 6, 10, and 13 but may change sides from outside to outside in the middle of these rolls, be in closed hold for fewer counts or even briefly. Either technique/interpretation is acceptable.

On step 14 the woman skates a cross roll into a three turn. The man also skates a cross roll before stepping forward onto an RFO swing roll (step 15) into closed hold while she skates LBO swing roll. The promenade follows with the partners in open hold, skating two quick and then two slow steps. Each partner then executes a closed swing mohawk (steps 20 & 21), inside for the man and outside for the woman, with each edge held for 4 beats. On step 22 the woman steps forward to execute an inside three turn after one beat, holding the exit edge for 5 beats. The man skates a chassé sequence followed by a 4 beat roll (steps 22 a, b, c). The first part of step 22 is skated in open hold. After the woman’s three turn the partners are in closed hold but they complete the step in outside position ready to restart the dance.


  • Paul Kreckow and Trudy Harris

First Performance

  • London, Hammersmith Ice Rink, 1932


Hold  Step No.  Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music  Woman’s Step
Outside XF-RFO      XB-LBO
  XB-LFI      XF-RBI
Closed to Outside RFO      LBO
  XF-LFO      XB-RBO
  XB-RFI      XF-LBI
Closed to Outside LFO      RBO
  XF-RFO-Rk (shallow)  1+1    XB-LBO
  XB-LBO      RFO
  XF-RBI      XB-LFI
Closed to Outside 10  LBO      RFO
  11  XB-RBO      XF-LFO
  12  XF-LBI      XB-RFI
Closed to Outside 13  RBO      LFO
  14  CR-LBO    1+1  CR-RFO3
Closed  15  RFO- SwR      LBO – SwR
Open  16  LFO      RFI
  17  RFI      LFO
  18  LFO      RFI
  19  RFI      LFO
  20  LFI      RFO
    Sw-ClMo        Sw-ClMo
  21  RBI-SwR      LBO-SwR
  22a  LFO 1   1+5 RFI3
  22b  RFI-Ch  1      
Closed  22c  LFO  4      


International Dance - Optional Pattern

Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


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