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Senior Bronze Dance Patterns - 3657 Ten-Fox


  • Foxtrot 4/4


  • 25 measures of 4 beats 
  • 100 beats per minute


  • Set

Suggested Introductory Steps: woman starting on right side of man

Man: RFO (2), LFO (2), RFO (2), LFO (1), RFI (1)
Woman: RFO (2), LFO (2), RFO (2), LFO3 (2)

The Ten-Fox, as the title suggests, is mainly a combination of parts of the old Tenstep and the Foxtrot. Most dancers seem to find it easier and therefore more enjoyable than either of those dances.

The dance begins with a progressive sequence of three steps, the partners being in closed hold. On step 4 the woman does a four-beat left backward outside swing roll and then turns forward on step 4b for a two-count right forward inside edge, which brings the partners into open hold. Step 4 for the man is a six-beat right forward outside-inside change edge. The change from an outside to an inside edge takes place on count one as the woman turns forward. It is very important that the woman makes a smooth transition at this point, as she turns from the backward edge to a forward edge.

Steps 5, 6 and 7 are another progressive sequence followed by a four-beat right forward outside edge for the woman as the man skates a right forward outside three turn and then a two-beat left backward outside edge, bringing the partners again into closed hold.

As in the Foxtrot, the woman accentuates count one of step 8 (8 begins with count three) with a knee bend as the man takes step 8b, a two-beat left backward outside edge.

Step 9 is a left forward outside three for the woman as the man skates a right backward outside edge. He then turns forward onto a left forward outside edge, the woman being on a right backward outside edge, as they begin another progressive sequence of three steps leading into steps 13 and 14, which is an open mohawk for the man while the woman skates from a right backward outside edge to a left forward outside. As in the Fourteenstep, it is important that the partners' shoulders be parallel to each other and to the tracings, and that the man checks his rotation with his shoulders after his mohawk on step 14, so that both partners' shoulders remain approximately flat to the tracings around the end of the rink. Following the man's mohawk, there is another progressive sequence across the end of the rink leading into the woman's mohawk on steps 17 and 18. Step 19, which is the end of the dance is a left backward inside for the woman and a right forward inside for the man.

This has always been a dance that most skaters have enjoyed. Let us keep it so by remembering to have soft knee bends, no pushing, and to lend an ear to the rhythm of the music.


  • George Muller

First Performed

  • Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society, 1939

3657 TEN-FOX

Hold  Step No. p Man's Step  Number of Beats of Music  Woman's Step
Closed  LFO      RBO
  RFI-Pr      LBI-Pr
  LFO      RBO
  4a  RFO      LBO
    change to        
Open  4b  RFI      RFI
  LFO      LFO
  RFI-Pr      RFI-Pr
  LFO      LFO
  8a  RFO 3   1+1   4  RFO
  8b  LBO    2    
  RBO    1+1  LFO 3
Closed  10  LFO      RBO
  11  RFI-Pr      LBI-Pr
  12  LFO      RBO
  13  RFI     LFO
  14  LBI      RFI
  15  RBO      LFO
  16  LBI      RFI
  17  RBO      LFO
  18  XF-LBI      RBO
  19  RFI      LBI

3657 TEN-FOX

Set Pattern Dance


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