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Junior Bronze Dance Patterns - 3655 Fiesta Tango


  • Tango 4/4


  • 27 measures of 4 beats
  • 108 beats per minute


  • Set

Suggested Introductory Steps:

RFO (2), LFO (2), RFI (4) for both partners.

Woman starting on man's left.

The dance starts in reverse Kilian hold. At steps 10 and 11, partners change to Kilian hold while executing the open mohawk. Steps 11 to 15 are danced in Kilian hold, and as partners change from backward to forward skating at step 16, they take reverse Kilian hold again to start the dance sequence over.

The woman should be a little ahead of the man at the beginning of step 9 (LFO) to avoid interference at the open mohawk.

The tempo of the Fiesta is slow, tango rhythm, and partners should strive for upright carriage, soft knee action, easy flow, and smooth leg swings. Step 8 allows for a very pleasing interpretation. The skating knee is well bent at the beginning of the stroke. At the count of three, the free leg swings forward, the change of edge is executed with the full swing of the free leg at the end of count four, and then the free leg swings back at the count of one of the next measure. If preferred, the free leg may remain in front after the change of edge. The use of the free leg on step 8 can add a great deal to the character of the dance, but, however it is used, the change of edge must be executed on the correct beat as shown in the diagram.

The sequence of steps allows for easy, rhythmical movements and partners should be able to interpret the music and skate the steps in a very pleasing tango style.


  • George Muller

First Performed

  • Colorado Springs, 1948


Hold Step No. Step
(Same for both)
Number of Beats of Music
Reverse Kilian  LFO  2
  RFO  2
  LFO  1
  RFI-Pr  1
  LFO  2
  CR-RFO  2
  XB-LFI  2
  RFOI  4 + 2
  LFO  2
  10  RFI  1
Kilian  11  LBI  1
  12  RBO  2
  13  LBI  2
  14  RBO  2
  15  XF-LBI  2
Reverse Kilian  16  RFI  2


Set Pattern Dance

Both partners skate the same steps.


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