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A Professional Club Coach

Rule 2401 ‐ Skate Canada Professional Coach Defined ‐ A Skate Canada Professional Coach is defined as a person who teaches figure skating or skating as a profession and meets the criteria to teach as determined in Rule 2402 and other provisions from time to time by the Skate Canada Board of Directors, and is a member of Skate Canada.

This job description is a brief statement of responsibilities of a Professional Club Coach. Additional responsibilities may be assigned to meet the needs of Skate Canada member clubs.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Professional Club Coach: 

  • To abide by the Skate Canada Coaches Code of Ethics and maintain up‐to‐date membership with Skate Canada as a Professional Coach.
  • To be an "expert" in coaching and figure skating.
  • To identify and address potential moral or ethical issue.
  • To be competent at guiding parents, preparing skaters, and club board members in skating and coaching related matters.
  • To be clear, respectful and honest when communicating to skaters, parents and executive members.
  • To communicate figure skating skills instructions and make coaching decisions effectively.
  • To work with a team of coaches and resource personnel to ensure that the skater receives the best training possible.
  • To assume leadership roles for other coaches when asked or needed.
  • To communicate clearly goals and objectives developed with your skaters, parents, and executive members prior to the skating session debut.
  • To be up‐to‐date with Skate Canada rules and rule amendments at all times.
  • To be responsible for upgrading your skills and knowledge in the sport of figure skating on a regular basis.
  • To develop lesson plans in order to improve your organizational and management skills
  • To analyze, identify errors and provide constructive feedback to the skaters, and parents.
  • To identify talented skaters with natural abilities through the use of criteria set in the Talent Identification and Development Plan in your club.
  • To organize and implement a fun, safe and enjoyable environment to all skaters.
  • To administrate first aid actions when needed.
  • To accept additional responsibilities in a professional manner.
  • To train, supervise, assess and evaluate Program Assistants.
  • To organize and lead parent information sessions.
  • To provide advice on skating matters ‐ e.g. equipment, progression to other programs and future opportunities.
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