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A Professional Club Coach Representative

Rule 1202 (3) (b) (iii) Serve On Boards ‐ A professional Coaching member may serve on the Skate Canada Board of Directors, Section Board of Directors and/or Club Board of Directors as a Coaching Representative (elected by the Coaching Members) or be appointed to any Association Committee. (Part of previous Rule 1201 (b) (vi) (2))

Skate Canada Member Club ‐ The coaching team of a club should elect one of the coaches to act as their representative to the Board of Directors to be known as the Club Coaching Representative. This representative has the right to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and to vote on all matters or issues raised at these meetings.

An alternate coach can be elected or appointed as the designated alternate of the Club Coaching Representative to assist or stand in for the Club Coaching Representative at meetings of the Club Board. The alternate can be given a voice; however, can not be given the right to vote because he/she is not the elected member serving as the Coaching Representative on the Club Board.

This job description is a brief statement of responsibilities of a Professional Club Coach Representative. Additional responsibilities may be assigned to meet the needs of Skate Canada member clubs.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Professional Club Coach Representative to the Club Coaches:

  • To represent the collective view of the Club coaches within the Club at Board and Club
  • General meetings, normally for one year term of office.
  • To liaise immediately before and after Board meetings with the Club
  • coaches in an honest and consistent manner.
  • To communicate Club policies and procedures to the coaches and provide
  • regular reports following Executive meetings.
  • To communicate with all coaches in the club via written or spoken to ensure
  • an effective communication network.
  • Share information with all Club coaches as required or appropriate.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Professional Club Coach Representative to the Club Board:

  • To attend all Board meetings and activities, and to protect the confidentialityof discussions at the Board table.
  • To provide input and guidance on technical matters; such as ice scheduling, skating programs, rules, test procedures and on development in the sport.
  • To take part and have a vote in meetings of the Board.
  • To follow up on any work assignments delegated by the Board.
  • To ensure that the process of electing a coaching representative to the Club Board takes place on an annual basis. This process may be done by secret ballot, through an annual general meeting of the Club coaches.
  • To ensure that an effective liaison is functioning within the Club between the Board and the coaches.
  • To assist with the mentoring and enforcement of NCCP certification, first aid and Skate Canada membership requirements of Club coaches.
  • To make recommendations to the Board, for the hiring of additional and/or new coaches to the staff of the Club.
  • To monitor and assist with the handling of coaching‐related complaints by ensuring that each matter is properly dealt with in accordance to Skate Canada rules and Terms of Reference of the Club.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest between the position of Club Coaching Representative and Club Coach. If such a conflict does arise, declare that conflict before the Board meeting and refrain from voting on matters in which a personal conflict of interest exists.
  • To recommend Skate Canada rule amendments, for changes deemed necessary from the coaches' perspective in order that the Club may prepare submission(s) to Skate Canada.
  • To observe parliamentary procedures and consider others' point of view, to make constructive suggestions and help the Board make decisions that benefit skaters and the sport of figure skating.
  • To assume Club leadership roles when asked.
  • To represent the Club coaches and Skate Canada in a positive and supportive manner at all times and in all places.
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