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To Send Event (Category) Files Over the Internet

  • Click on ‘Special’
  • Select ‘Export to HTML’
  • Select what you want to send
    • Select ‘All Event’ to send everything; or,
    • Select ‘Entries’, ‘Results’, etc. if you only want to send part of your information
    • Select the Segments you wish to send or the Event if you are sending ‘All Event’


  • CAT___en. HTM = Entry files, CAT___rs. HTM = Results files, and SEG___. HTM = Start Orders and Detailed Classifications. 
  • The CAT numbers signify the various Categories you created, usually in the order they were created.
  • The SEG numbers signify all the Segments created, usually in the order the Categories were created.
  • Once you have them transferred to the Event File Folder in [C:] you can open them to see which are which, and delete any you do not want to send on.

Note - If you have Categories / Segments that are not done by Open Marking DO NOT send SEG files once the marks have started being entered.  All marking NOT done by Open Marking is confidential and DOES NOT leave the Data Control Centre.

Note - If you have to transport these files to another computer for Internet Access:

  • Select ‘My Computer’ / [C:] / IceCalc / the Folder for the ‘Event’ you sent files from
  • Highlight the HTML files you wish to send on
  • Right click on the highlighted files
  • Select ‘Send To / 3 ½ Floppy [A:]’
  • Access and connect with the Internet Server you will be using
  • Access the ‘E - Mail’ Window
    • Select ‘New Mail’
    • Address your message to whomever you are sending the files to and add any personal message you want to pass on
    • ‘Attach’ the files you want to send either by
      • Select ‘My Computer’ / [C:] / IceCalc / the Folder for the ‘Event’ you sent files from / the HTML files you wish to send; or,
      • Select ‘My Computer’ / 3 ½ Floppy [A:] / the HTML files you wish to send
  • Send

Note - DO NOT FORGET to send the ‘Index.HTM’ file.  It contains the directory needed to introduce your Event information to the viewers on web sites such as Skate Canada.

Note - As far as we have been able to determine it is easier if all your Event data is created on the same computer.  This ensures that each Category / Segment has a different and specific CAT / SEG file number assigned to it.  Once you have created all the files for your Event you can use just the one computer; or, if you have to use two or more you can ‘Back Up’ the Event data from the creation computer and copy all the Event data to the appropriate Folders in the second, third, etc. computers.

You must ensure that specific Categories are assigned to specific computers and are taken from beginning to end in the same computer.  When it comes time to send files via e-mail follow the procedure  ‘Send To’ to send selected files to a disk.  Select the files you want to send on each of the computers and ‘Send To’ a single disk.  You then ‘Attach’ the files to your e-mail from the disk, even if you are using an Event computer to access the Internet.

Note - When sending HTML files to Skate Canada to post on their Web site you may have to ‘Zip’ all the files into one master file and attach that single file to the e-mail.

  • Export HTML files
  • Edit out ones you do not want to send
  • Highlight the ones you want to send (if you are working with only one folder on [C:]; or, copy the ones you want from multi computers to a single disk and highlight the ones you want from [A:]
  • Right click on highlighted area
  • Left click on ‘Add to Zip’
  • In the space under ‘Add to Archive’ enter the name of the folder you want to add the files to (you may want to create a new one) [C:\folder name]
  • Left click on ‘Add’
  • Open your Internet Server
  • Prepare your e-mail message
  • Attach the ‘Zipped’ file from the [C:] to your message
  • Send
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