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Transferring Your Competitor / Judge / Clubs Database Files (Not A Complete Event) From One Computer to Another

After you have created your database files for an Event in one computer copy your Event information from the appropriate Subdirectory to a disk by:

  • Opening the folder with the database in it through ‘My Computer’ / [C;] / IceCalc / Event Folder
  • Select the PCT.DBF and NAT.DBF files, copy them and then past them to a disk

Create the Subdirectory (with Ice.rp5 and Iceleng.rp5 copied over) that you wish to transfer the database files to in another computer.
Copy the pct.dbf and nat.dbf files off of the disk and paste them into the new

Subdirectory using the same procedure as in ‘Building an Event Subdirectory’ (opening both Windows and using the right mouse button to copy and paste).

Create the Shortcut for the new Subdirectory.

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