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Creating your Basic and Event Databases

  • General procedure is to use the drop boxes working from the left and then from top to bottom.
  • The initial Window looks like: (see following page) (Resources attached)



This is where you create your general databases.  These databases can be specific to a single Event or can be added to until you have a general database that you can build many Events from.  To create the databases you will need a list of all the competitors (singles, couples, pairs and teams) with their home clubs, and Sections or Nations.  You will also need a list of all the Judges with their Sections or Nations, a list of the Sections/Nations involved, and a list of all the home clubs with Sections.  It helps if all these lists are in addition to the lists that tell you which competitors are competing in which Segments and which Judges are judging which Categories/Segments. 

To Standardise Data Input

Competitors’ Names:

    • Surnames - UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. SMITH / McDONALD) - Program will convert to all UPPER CASE when you “Calc Names’
    • First Names - UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. Mary)

Judges’ Names: Full Name ALL UPPER CASE (no Miss/Mrs/Ms/Mr)
Club Names: UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. Royal Glenora)

    • Full name will appear on the Start Order if you Print S.O. with Clubs - 2 lines
    • Short name (maximum 5 character abbreviation) will appear on the Start Order and the Results

Sections (Nations): Can have Sections show in place of Nations

    • Enter long version of Section name - UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. Saskatchewan) and up to three letters, UPPER CASE abbreviation (e.g. AB, SK, EOS, etc.)

Categories - UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. Novice Ladies’)
Segments - UPPER AND LOWER CASE (e.g. - Free Skate)
Dates - Day/Month/Year (e.g. 01.06.99 = June 1, 1999)

Note- When deciding on both Event and Category Names there is a maximum number of characters you can use and still have both complete names print on the top of the Classification (Results Sheet that shows the individual Judge’s ordinals).  You will have to experiment with it once you have entered marks and can get the system to print a Classification.

Suggestion - If the event is not going to be posted on the Web do not use Free Skate, Short Program, etc. in the Category name.  It is repeated in the Segment name.


Building Basic Data Files

  • If you wish to create a general database you must first create a File Folder with a name such as ‘Alberta Skaters’; or, if you wish to create an Event specific database you use a File Folder you have created for the specific Event.
  • It is a good idea to create your ‘Nation / Section’ (optional) and ‘Club’ databases first as you will need this information to fully complete your ‘Competitor’ database.
  • Open the Folder you are going to use
  • Click on the Basic Data drop box
  • Click on Nations (Sections) (optional)
    • Click on New / Enter Full Name
    • Enter Abbreviation / OK
  • Click on Clubs
    • Click on New
    • Fill in all the pertinent information
    • Click on Calc Names button (If you want to override the Search Name, enter your code after ‘Calc Names’ and do not ‘reCalc Names’, just press OK / OK
    • Repeat for each Club on your list
  • Repeat for Competitors and Judges
    • For Competitors - To enter their Clubs
      • Click on the Undefined opposite Clubs
      • Enter the Search Name, click on Get, click on OK (or press Enter key) or click on List and select the Club name, click on OK, click on OK (or Enter / Enter)
  • For Couples -The competitors must be entered separately into the Singles Database before creating the Couples Database
  • For Judges - The window that comes up will be the same as for the Competitors

Note - For Competitors and Judges you can also build the basic database while you build the Segment part of your Event Data.  When you enter Participants go New, Undefined, New and enter the data.  Use the same procedure when entering the Judges for Segment.



This is where you create the databases specific to the Event you are currently involved with.  You can create more than one Event (Competition) within the same Subdirectory (File folder).  They will share the Basic databases that you create.

If you have more than one arena involved in your Event you will have to have computer systems set up that are specific to each arena.  You can either create the Event Data for those Categories/Segments that are specific to each arena on these separate computers; or, create it all on one computer and then transfer it to the others.  From this point on the Categories become computer specific.  The information from the separate computers cannot merge with each other.  If you have a two or more part Category that is taking place in more than one arena, it is suggested that you assign it to one computer that will then be transported from arena to arena.  You would otherwise have to have the basic data in two computers and, after the 1st Segment is completed you would re-enter the marks in the 2nd computer (this could lead to errors), enter the starting order for the 2nd Segment in the 2nd computer, prepare the paper for the 2nd Segment, and continue the Category with the 2nd computer.


If you are chiefing a competition where: 

  1. There will be more than one computer used with different Categories / Segments created on each, and
  2. There is a chance the computers will not be at the arena(s) for the duration of the Event then,
  3. Make sure that you have a set of current backup disks for each computer at all times.

Note - Under most circumstances there should be no rink side data input.  It is not feasible to do the event creation, paperwork, and marks entry and results generation at rink side.  Nor, is it easy to shift the computer set up from the Data Control Centre to rink side and back again to complete all the necessary parts in running each Category from start to finish.


Building An Event

Note - Do not store your databases solely on the hard drive.  Store them on disk as well.

  • Open the file folder you will be creating the Event in through its shortcut, if it is not already open.
  • Go to the Event Data drop box
  • Click on Events 
    • New
    • Event Name - Type in the name of your Event
    • Short Name - You provide - Prints on other forms to identify event
    • List Name - Same as Event Name
    • Status - Shows status of Category – ‘Before Draw’, ‘Short Program Complete’, etc.
    • Place - City, Town, Country, etc.
    • Comp. Type - Not really used
    • Date - 00.00.00. - D/M/Y
    • Calculation:
      • ISU - 2000
      • ISU - between 22.6.1998
      • ISU - old before 21.6.1998
  • Rink Name
  • Printing Language: 
    • English (A4) - European paper size (used for Judges’ Sheets for Elements in Isolation type Segments and some Element Program Segments) 
    • English (Letter) - Canadian paper size (used for all other Segment types) Etc.
  • Rink Size - from the Event Announcement or leave it blank
  • Ice Conditions - we leave it blank
  • Nation Text - Leave for ‘Nation’; or, type in ‘Section’ to change heading on the column to ‘Section’; or, leave blank 
  • Representative - Can leave blank
  • Tech. Del. - Click on Undefined and enter information or select from Judges’ database
  • Sponsor - Printed on the bottom of the forms. Print is very small. Use upper case letters.
  • Diploma Title - 3 lines - Ability to print ‘diploma’ for every competitor - provide with Event Name and print on diploma paper
  • Click OK twice


Building Event Files

Under ‘Event Data’:

- Click on Categories

  • Select Event / OK
  • Browse – New / Change
    • Fill in the Category Name (if two part category - just the level, e.g. Novice Ladies)
      Note- For one part Categories that are not being posted on the Web do not put in the full name (Novice Ladies Short Program Flight 3), just put the name of the level and flight number (Novice Ladies Flight 3).  The rest will show up under Segment.
  • Append / Change - Fill in Level, Sex, Type
    • Do not touch rest of column, changes as you enter information 
    • Select # of details per page (for Details Report, works with 6 fields per page - for one part Categories select 6/page, for two part select 3/page, for more than two parts select 1/page)
  • OK/OK

Click on Segments

  • Select Category / OK
  • Select New to start or Change to make changes, etc.
  • New Event Segment - Select a segment type (e.g. Free Skating/Dance) or type in your own (e.g. Elements Program or Elements - do not put in Elements in Isolation - it will not all fit on the form)
    • Qualifying Free Skating - used in a Run Off situation like Worlds where the results counts toward their final placement
  • Name of Dance - Select from list or type it in if it is not on list
  • Short Name - SP, FS, OD, FD, C1, C2, RD, DV etc. (limit of 2 letters) (shows as column header on the Results)
  • Type of Segment - limited to selections in drop box (designates type of paperwork printed)
  • Group - Do not put anything in this box, it will interfere with entry of Start Order
  • Number of Marks - One mark to five marks maximum to come to total
  • Priority - Designates mark that decides the tie breaker
  • Factor - No decimals (1.0 = 10, 0.5 = 5, etc.). As per Rulebook
  • P.Time - 00:03:00 = 3 Minutes. As per Event Announcement and/or Rulebook 
    • Prints on bottom of Protocol for Segment along with factor 
  • Name of mark(s) - System should provide correct names otherwise you can fill in.
  • Order in Category:
    • For single part Categories will be - 1 
    • For multi part Categories will be - Short Program - 1 / Free Skate - 2 or
    • Compulsory Dance 1 - 1 / Compulsory Dance 2 – 2 / Original Dance - 3 / Free Dance - 4, etc.
    • Create in order they will be skated (i.e. Part 1 before Part 2)
  • Status
  • Comment - Appears at bottom of Start Order (e.g. TOP FOUR WILL ADVANCE TO FINAL) NOTE: Comments entered on the fourth line will print bolded.
  • OK
  • When first Segment is done, go back and create subsequent Segments then
  • Go back in:
    • Judges button
    • Referee
    • Click on Undefined - Enter by Search Name / List or New method
    • Repeat for Assistant Ref., Judges, etc. 
    • Click COPY TO ALL SEGMENTS before you click OK even if it is a single segment category
    • Time Data – Not necessary for Accountants; but, great for Tech. Reps as it will actually schedule the Event if all the information is supplied (Start time and End time for each competitor will be calculated).
    • IR Break Point – Instant Replay Breakpoint Names

Time Schedule - Virtually the same as Time Data
Click on Participants

  • Select Events and Category
  • Click on New
  • Click on Undefined
  • Select participant from database or add to database by clicking on New
  • OK
  • Sort - Yes - the system will sort them
    • If you entered Sections/Nations the program will sort alphabetically by Section/Nation, then alphabetically by last name of competitor
  • At this point you can print the list of entrants to use as a draw sheet
    • Output / Entries / Entries / /Select Event, Category, Segment / OK / Print

Click on Officials (optional)

  • Enter all the Judges in your Event so that you can print an Event Report - Participating Judges

Click on Starting Order

  • Click on 1st participant in list
  • Enter drawn Start Order number in box
  • Click on Enter or hit the Enter key
  • Continue on down list
  • OK 
  • Should Warm-ups be recalculated? - Yes

Click on Warm-up Groups

  • Recalculating warm-ups because of ties or? 
  • Work from left to right (1st wu group / 2nd wu group / 3rd wu group / etc).

Suggestion - If you are working with Short/Elements Programs that are in Categories that are not Novice/Junior/Senior:

  1. Check the Short Program Judges’ Sheets for the various levels
  2. Select the level that comes closest to having the required elements you need and assign this level to your Category
  3. Print the Judges’ Sheets on ‘English Letter’ and hand change the columns to match your needs.

Note - If you are working with a Category such as ‘Elements in Isolation’ (as used at CanSkate Fun Meets) or Elements Programs with their own required elements that are to be created as ‘Other’

  • Select Event Data
  • Click on Category
  • Select the correct Event / OK
  • In Browse
    • Click on New
  • Enter the Category Name
    • Level - Select Other
    • Sex/Type - Select appropriate description
    • Details - 6
  • OK/OK
  • Select Event Data
  • Select Segment
  • Select correct Event and Category / OK
  • Select New
  • Select Short Program
    • Segment - Elements or Elements Program or Short Program
    • Name of Dance – n / a
    • Short Name – E / EP or SP
    • Type of Segment - Short Program
    • Number of Marks - 2 - 5
    • Priority - Select appropriate one
    • Factor - 10 or 5 as per Rulebook
    • P. Time - as per Event Announcement and/or Rulebook
    • Name 1st Mark – blank (EinI) or Required Element (EP & SP)
    • Name 2nd Mark - blank (EinI) or Presentation (EP & SP)
    • Order in Category - 1
    • Status – n / a
  • Comments - For Elements in Isolation Segments - There is room for six short element descriptions, although you can only use five, as this is the maximum number of marks allowed. Use upper and lower case. The full description will print on the bottom of the Start Order. If the description is too long it will not print completely on the top of the Judges’ Sheets.

Note - If using long descriptions print the Start Order with full element description then go in and edit the description to 30 characters and spaces or less for printing on the top of the Judges’ Sheets.

Note - To print these element descriptions on the top of the Judges’ Sheets go back to the Event data and change the Printing Language to English A4. Change back to English Letter to print marks and results.

  • Enter Judges through Segment 
  • Enter Participants

Suggestion – Use the Judges’ Sheets as a marks sheet and do not issue chits for Elements in Isolation.


To Print a Complete Summary of Your Event Participants, Judges and Clubs

  • Select Output / Entries / Event Report – Competitors, Athletes, Clubs or Nations (if you have built a file under Nations)
  • Select Event Reports
  • Select the correct Event title (do not worry about the Category or Segment)
  • OK/OK
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