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Installing IceCalc From Diskette

Ensure that all other programs have been closed.

  1. Insert Disk 1
    • Click START
    • Click RUN
    • Type A: \SETUP.EXE
    • Click OK/NEXT/YES/NEXT/Company – Skate Canada works / NEXT / Typical – NEXT / IceCalc & IceCalc – NEXT/NEXT
  2. Program will prompt user for additional diskettes
    • Insert Disk ‘X’
  3. Program will prompt - Set Up Complete / Finish / Yes, I want to restart my computer now / Finish
  4. When computer has restarted: 
    • Open IceCalc Folder through My Computer / Open the Reports Folder
    • Insert the CANRP5.EXE disk / Open the disk 
    • Copy the CANRP5.EXE file from the disk to the Reports Folder
    • Open the CANRP5.EXE file in the Reports file (‘Unzip to Folder’ C:\ IceCalc \ Reports / Unzip / OK) and the ICE.RP5, ICELENG.RP5 & ICEFRA.RP5 files all be replace / OK / Close all windows

Note - We suggest that you delete your old version of IceCalc before installing the newer version to get it to work as it should.

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