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Diamond Dance Patterns - 3678 Golden Waltz


  • Viennese Waltz 3/4


  • 62 measures of 3 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:58 min

Side to Start

  • First steps started on side opposite judges stand

The Golden Waltz is a complex dance incorporating many new positions not previously used in Pattern Dances i.e. “Spread Eagle” etc.

It is danced with long edges, interspersed with three-turns and twizzles and dancers require extra control because of the intricate nature of the steps, positions and changes of hold. The pattern of the dance, while optional, must be skated with well-rounded lobes. It is necessary to maintain consistent flow and a lilting waltz character throughout.

The dance starts in closed hold for the opening three turns. Steps 1 to 7 - the man begins by travelling backwards starting on his RBO on beat 1 for the “walk-around” threes with the feet of the partners offset. The feet are placed on the ice between the feet of the partner. The couple remains in closed hold until step 7 which is executed in reverse tango hold in which the woman, after the cross roll, executes a twizzle of one rotation skated to one beat of music and on the swing roll they pass through reverse Kilian hold to Hand-In-Hand hold.

Steps 8 to 14 are the same for both partners. Step 8 is an RBO cross roll with the free legs in a front coupée position. At step 9 the couple changes to “Kilian” hold where the woman’s left hand is placed on the man’s left shoulder with their free arms extended to skate side by side touch down threes turns for steps 9 to 12. On step 13 there is a change of hold at an optional point to a “Wrapped” Kilian in which the man’s left and the woman’s right hands are clasped in front of them while the woman’s left hand is placed across the front of her body to hold his right hand to her right hip. His right arm crosses behind her back to hold her left hand. The free legs are raised behind, over the ice, at an angle of 40-50 degrees, while skating side by side double three turns on a 9-beat long edge. On the second beat of step 14, which begins from a cross roll, the knee of the skating leg is straightened.

Step 15 begins as a cross behind for both partners followed by a bracket for the woman and an open mohawk for the man (his steps 15a & b). The partners remain in Kilian hold but the left hand of the woman holds (or briefly touches) the man’s right hand and the woman’s right hand holds the man’s left hand over her head, to skate these opposite turns for both partners. On step 16, the partners assume standard Kilian hold and the man skates a wide step 17. On step 18 the free legs are extended and step 19 is a left forward outside.

On step 20, the partners are in Kilian hold while the woman’s left hand rests behind the man’s left shoulder (optional) and the woman’s right hand and the man’s left hand are freely open. On the fifth beat of her double three there is a change of hold to reverse Kilian with the left foot in passé.

On step 21, the free legs of both partners swing forward for three beats while the man lowers the woman into a semi-sitting position (where her free leg is extended forward, and her oustretched body is nearly parallel to the ice). The partner completes the movement by lifting the woman so they both can skate side by side threes ending with front coupées.

Step 22 which is a 12- beat series of three turns on one foot, starts in reverse Kilian hold. The woman performs her first two threes by wrapping around the man while both of their free legs are in attitude position with the woman’s first three turned under the man’s right hand. On beat 7, the hold is changed so that the woman takes the place of the man in reverse Kilian hold. During their joint three-turns, performed on beat 9, the free legs are moved to back coupée. After these three-turns, on the last three beats, the free legs are extended and raised behind and simultaneously the knee of the skating leg is straightened. Step 23 begins in Kilian hold with their left arm and free legs stretched out in front. On step 24 the woman passes under the man’s left arm with their right arms stretched in front.

On step 26, the partners start in open hold. For the first three beats the man holds the extended position described above then, on beat 4, he bends his skating knee and free leg into a pivot position while the woman skates her steps 26(a), 26(b) and 26c. On step 26c the man skates a spread eagle into a rocker and then into a LBIO. The woman turns the first RFI3 on count 2 and a second RFO3 on count 6, followed by a fast touch-down on the left foot on the “and” between beats 6 and 1 to enable her to initiate the RFO3 which is turned on count 3 of the new measure. After the woman’s first three-turn on step 26c there is a change of hold to “closed” with the woman’s free leg stretched to the front and the man’s free leg stretched behind. At the end of step 27, the woman performs a 1-beat clockwise twizzle of one rotation. On beat 3 of step 28, the couple change hold to Kilian. The woman makes a very quick XB-LBO, to change feet before step 29.

On step 30 the left hands are raised and on beat 4 the man makes a shallow drag (his step 30a), while the woman skates step 30(a). During her step 30(b) which is very difficult as she must skate a 15-count step all on one foot, there is a change of hold. The woman performs an inside three-turn on beat 1 and holds the back outside exit edge from the three turn for two beats and afterwards, completes a back outside twizzle of 2 rotations taking three beats.

During her twizzle the man performs a RFI3 with a strongly bent knee (his step30c), the woman continues step 30b, and after the twizzle remains on her right skating leg, assuming a position with the free leg stretched in front and the body nearly parallel to the ice (her layback position). In this position she executes a back outside three-turn and then, after drawing herself up on beats 13 & 14 of the step, completes a right forward inside “twizzle-like motion” on beat 15 of the step (count 3 of the measure), then pushes onto to her LFI (step 31). Meanwhile, the man skates a two-footed three turn (his step 30d), lifts and extends his free leg on step 30e and concludes with a series of cross steps (his 30 f and g) These steps are known as the “Cascade and Dip”section.

During the man’s 30f there is a change of hold to tango that is retained by the man, until the woman’s step 32 with the man slightly ahead throughout his double three turns (his step 32).

During the man’s second three-turn, on step 32, the hold is reversed to Kilian with the woman’s right hand behind and on the man’s shoulder and the man’s right hand and the woman ‘s left hand open. The free legs of both partners are stretched behind. On step 33, after the man’s second three-turn, the couple are in Kilian hold with the woman’s left hand behind and on the left shoulder of the man and the man’s left hand and woman’s left hands open.

Steps 34 to 45 are the same for both partners. On step 34, the partners move into open hold with the man’s right hand on the woman’s waist to execute the open swing choctaws. They begin with a RFI progressive for three beats with the free legs stretched behind, followed by a forward swing. Steps 34-35 and 40-41 are open swing side by side choctaws - the 1st in open hold (steps 34-35), the 2nd in Kilian hold (steps 40-41). Step 44 is a wide step for both partners. Step 46 for the woman is an open mohawk, while the hold changes to closed. Step 47 is performed on both feet, the majority of the body weight for the woman mainly on her right foot and the man on his left foot. The man executes a quick three-turn after the third beat to be in position to restart the dance.


  • Natalia Dubova, Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko

First Performance

  • Moscow Cup 1987, Moscow, USSR


Hold Step No. Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music Woman’s Step
 Closed 1    RBO  2     1+1    LFO3
  2    LFO3  ½ + ½     1   RBO 
   3   RBO  2     1+1    LFO3
   LFO3   ½ + ½     1    RBO
   5   RBO  3     2+1   LFO3 
   6   LFO     3     RBO
 Tango 7a   CR-RFO3 2+1     2+1  CR-LBO Tw1
 Reverse Kilian 7b   LBO-Sw   +6   /LBO-Sw
 to Hand-In-            
 Hand  CR-RBO       CR-RBO
“Kilian”  LFO3    1+1     LFO3
 (arms extended) 10   RBO       RBO
  11   LFO3    1+1     LFO3
   12   RBO     1     RBO
 “Kilian” 13   LFO3/LBI3    3+3+3      LFO3/LBI3
 (arms wrapped)  14  CR-RFO     3     CR-RFO
   15a   XB-LFO   3+3   XB-LFI-Br
   15b   RBI   2      
  15c   LBO  1      
 Kilian  16   XF-RBI       XF-RBI
  17   Wd-LBI       LBI
  18   RBO       RBO
  19   LFO       LFO
   20   RFI     3+3+3    RFI3/RBI3
 Reverse 21    LFI3    6+3     LFI3 
 Kilian 22   RFO3    8+4    2+3   RFO3/RBI3
           +3+4  /RFO3
 “Kilian” 23    LFO     3     LFO
 (see text)  24   RFI    2    RFI
     OpMo        OpMo
   25   LBI     1     LBI
 Open  26a   RBO3  5+1     RBO
  26b         LFI
 “Closed” 26c  RFI-LBI SprE 2   1+4  RFI3
     /RFI Rk- LBI     +3+1  /RBO3/RFO3
     /LBO +1      (with slight Td
       +3       of left foot
             before 3rd 3-turn)
   27   RFO3  2+1    2+1    LBO Tw 1 
   28   LBO   3    2+1   RFO3
          "and"  XB-LBO
             (between cts 6 & 1)
 Kilian  29   XF-RBI       XF-RBI
  30a  LFO 6   3  LFO
 Changing 30b       1+2  RFI3
           +3  /RBOTw2/
          3+3+2+  RBO3
          1  /RFI"Tw" 
 Closed 30c  RFI3 2+1      
  30d  LFO-RFI 3      
     /LFO-RFI3 “and”      
     counts 3&4)         
  30e  LFO-RBO 3      
     (started briefly        
     on 2 feet)        
  30f  XB-LBI 2      
 Changing  30g    XF-RBO       
 Closed 31   XB-LBO       LFI
 Reverse Kilian 32a  XF-RBI3 2+3   1  RFO
     /RFO3   +1    
  32b         LFI-Pr
  32c        RFO
 Kilian 33  LFO3/LBI3 3+3+3   9  Cr-LFO
 Open 34  RFI   5    RFI
    Sw OpCho       Sw OpCho
  35   LBO       LBO
  36   XF-RBI       XF-RBI
  37   LBO-Ch       LBO-Ch
 Kilian 38   RFO       RFO
  39   XB-LFI   2    XB-LFI
    OpCho       OpCho
  40   RBO       RBO
  41   XF-LBO       XF-LBO
  42   RFO       RFO
  43   XB-LFI       XB-LFI
  44   Wd-RFI3    3+3     Wd-RFI3
  45   LFO       LFO
  46   RFI-Pr       RFI
 Closed 47a  LFO-RFI 2+   1  LBI
  47b  /LFO3 ½ + ½   2  LBI -RBO



Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


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