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Diamond Dance Patterns - 3672 Ravensburger Waltz


  • Waltz 3/4


  • 66 measures of 3 beats per minute
  • 198 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 58 sec

The Ravensburger Waltz should be skated with the character of a Viennese Waltz. A strong waltz feeling is achieved by a continuous, lilting knee action accenting counts 1 and 4, and by stressing the 2 + 1 count of many of the steps.

The dance begins with steps 1 to 3 of 6 beats each, in which the man and the woman alternately execute inside three turns on count 3 with the free leg being lifted, while the partner skates a 6 beat swing roll. These turns are known as “Ravensburger–type” three turns. These steps are skated in open hold for the first two beats, but in closed hold after the turn for the swing roll during beats 4, 5 and 6. On step 4 the woman turns a forward inside twizzle of 1 revolution under the man’s left arm on count 2, followed by a fast mohawk turn onto the LBI (step 5) for count 3. The partners retain closed hold during the chassé and 6 beat swing roll that follow as steps 5 to 8.

The woman’s steps 10 to 13b are also turned under the man’s left arm with a transition into an open mohawk to change to Kilian hold on step 13b. The woman may move her right hand as she wishes during steps 17 and 18. A change of edge at the end of step 18 is skated by both partners.

Steps 20 to 27 are skated in Kilian hold, interrupted on step 22 by the woman skating a twizzle of 1 revolution under the man’s left arm on the “and” at the end of count 2, followed by an RFI on count 3. Steps 24 to 25 and 26 to 27 constitute a chassé and a progressive, followed by a LFI three turn for the woman that is turned under the man’s left arm into a closed hold on step 28.

The woman’s 1 rotation back outside twizzle on step 30 followed by a step forward is turned under the man’s left arm while he turns a three on count 3 of the measure. This leads to a chassé for both partners in open hold. Steps 32 to 36 are skated in open hold. The woman’s swing rocker on step 36 is similar to that in the Rocker Foxtrot. Steps 38 to 41 are skated in closed hold.

During the woman’s closed choctaw on steps 37 and 38, a change from open to closed hold occurs. Step 39 for the man is a two beat three turn, and step 40 for the woman is a quick one beat three turn in closed position. These constitute the “walk-around” threes with the fast timing for the woman matching the syncopation of the music.


  • Angelika and Erich Buck and Betty Callaway

First Performance

  • Krefeld, West German Figure Skating Championships, 1973


Hold Step No. Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music Woman’s Step
Closed RFI3 2+1   6 LFO-SwR
    -Sw + 3      
  LFO-SwR 6   2+1 RFI3
          + 3 -Sw
  RFI3 2+1   LFO-SwR
    -Sw +3      
  LFO   1+1 RFI-Tw 1
          “and” /RFI OpMo
(between 2 & 3)
  RFI-Ch     LBI (exit Mo)
  LFO     RBO
  RFI-Ch     LBI-Ch
  LFO-SwR     RBO-SwR
  RFO     LBO
  10  LFI-Ch     RFO
  11  RFO     LFI
  12  LFI-Ch     RBI
  13a  RFO   LBO
Kilian 13b        RFO
  14  LFI      LFI
    OpMo       OpMo
  15  RBI     RBI
  16  LBO free leg behind     LBO free leg
  17  RFO     RFO
  18  XB-LFIO   1+1    XB-LFIO
  19  RFI-Ch     RFI-Ch
  20  LFO     LFO
  21  RFI-Ch     RFI-Ch
  22  LFO   LFO
          “and” /LFOTw1
(between 2 & 3)
  23  RFI-Ch     RFI
  24  LFO     LFO
  25  RFI-Ch     RFI-Ch
  26  LFO     LFO
  27  RFI-Pr     RFI-Pr
Closed 28  LFI   2+1  LFI3
  29a  RFO   XF-RBI
  29b        LBI-Ch
  30  LFO3    2
  31a  RBO   LFO
  31b        RFI-Ch
Open 32  LFO     LFO
  33  RFI-Ch     RFI-Ch
  34  LFO     LFO
  35  RFI-Pr     RFI-Pr
  36a  LFO   2 + 1  LFO-sw Rk (turned on count 3, leg swing on count 4)
Closed 36b  RFO    + 3   
OPEN 37  LFO     RFI
            Cl Cho
Closed 38  RFO     LBO
  39  LFO3 1+1    RBO
  40  RBO   ½ + ½ LFO3
  41  LFO     RBO


International Dance



Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union



Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union

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