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Gold Dance Patterns - 3671 Argentine Tango


  • Tango 4/4


  • 24 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 96 beats per minute


  • Set


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:10 min

The Argentine Tango should be skated with strong edges and considerable “élan”. Good flow and fast travel over the ice are essential and must be achieved without obvious effort or pushing.

The dance begins with partners in open hold for steps 1 to 10. The initial progressive, chassé and progressive sequences of steps 1 to 6 bring the partners on step 7 to a bold LFO edge facing down the ice surface. On step 8 both partners skate a right forward outside cross in front on count 1 held for one beat. On step 9, the couple crosses behind on count 2, with a change of edge on count 3 as their free legs are drawn past the skating legs and held for count 4 to be in position to start the next step, crossed behind for count 1. On step 10 the man turns a counter while the woman executes another cross behind then change of edge. This results in the partners being in closed hold as the woman directs her edge behind the man as he turns his counter.

Step 11 is strongly curved towards the side of the ice surface. At the end of this step the woman momentarily steps onto the RFI on the “and” between counts 4 and 1 before skating step 12 that is first directed toward the side barrier. The lobe formed by steps 13 to 15 starts with a cross roll towards the midline. The woman then turns a cross roll three (step 13) toward the man, then he skates a three turn for step 14. These steps are strong edges followed by step 15 that is an outside edge that directs the lobe towards the side of the ice surface.

The man skates a 2 beat edge (step 16) while the woman skates a chassé (steps 16a and b), then he steps forward to place the couple in Kilian hold. Steps 17 to 19 form a progressive sequence that is followed by a swing cross roll (step 20) across the end of the ice surface. Another progressive sequence leads to step 23. This step is a left forward outside edge for both ending in a forward clockwise “twizzle-like motion” for the woman (“Tw1” - her body turns one full continous rotation, the skating foot does not technically execute a full turn, followed by a step forward) and a swing open choctaw for the man turned between count 4 and count 1 of the next measure. During the twizzle the woman has her weight on the left foot but carries the right foot close beside it. While executing steps 21 to 23 the woman must skate hip to hip with the man, her tracing following his. After this move is completed the couple moves into closed hold.

On the next lobe the woman skates a cross roll onto step 25 but the man does not. After the woman turns her three turn aiming at the man (her step 25), he steps forward (his step 26) into outside hold with the woman on his right. Steps 27 to 31 are a series of five cross rolls directed down the ice surface. The first cross roll is held for 2 beats, while the next three cross rolls are one beat each. The partners should skate the cross rolls lightly on well-curved edges. The final step is a cross roll outside swing roll held for 3 beats and at its conclusion the woman steps briefly onto a RFI between counts 4 and 1 which enables her to restart the dance.


  • Reginald J. Wilkie and Daphne B. Wallis

First Performance

  • London, Westminster Ice Rink, 1934


Hold  Step No.  Man’s Step  Number of Beats of Music  Woman’s Step
Open  LFO      LFO
  RFI-Pr      RFI-Pr
  LFO      LFO
  RFI-Ch      RFI-Ch
  LFO      LFO
  RFI-Pr      RFI-Pr
  LFO      LFO
  XF-RFO      XF –RFO
  XB-LFIO    1+2    XB-LFIO
  10  XB-RFI Ctr  1+1    1+1  XB-RFIO
Closed  11  LBO    XF-LFI
          “and” RFI (between counts 4 & 1)
  12  RBO      LFO
  13  CR-LBO    1+1  CR-RFO3
  14  RFO3  1+1    LBO
  15  LBO      RFO
  16a  RBO    LFO
  16b        RFI-Ch
Kilian  17  LFO      LFO
  18  RFI-Pr     RFI-Pr
  19  LFO      LFO
  20  CR-RFO-SwR      CR-RFO-SwR
  21  LFO      LFO
  22  RFI-Pr     RFI-Pr
  23  LFO      LFO
    RBI (between counts 4 & 1)   “and”    Sw-“Tw1” (between counts 4 & 1)
Closed  24  LBO      RFO 
  25  RBO    1+1  CR-LFO3 
  26  LFO      RBO 
Outside  27  CR-RFO      CR-LBO 
  28  CR-LFO      CR-RBO 
  29  CR-RFO      CR-LBO 
  30  CR-LFO      CR-RBO 
  31  CR-RFO-SwR    CR-LBO- SwR
          “and” RFI (between counts 4 & 1)


International Dance


Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


International Dance


Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union

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