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Junior Silver Dance Patterns - 3663 Rocker Foxtrot


  • Foxtrot 4/4


  • 26 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 104 beats per minute


  • Set


  • The time required to skate 4 sequences is 1:05 min

The Rocker Foxtrot starts at the midline at one end of the ice surface and makes three lobes towards the edge and two towards the midline along each side. Thus one circuit of the ice surface requires two sequences of the dance. 

Steps 1 to 4 that are the same for both partners are skated in open hold and consist of a crossed behind chassé followed by a progressive. Step 5 for the woman is a 4 beat LFO swing rocker skated while the man performs 2 outside edges. The swing rocker is executed with a swing of the free leg and is turned after the free leg has passed the skating foot and is extended forward. The turn should be executed on clean outside to outside edges on beat 2 of the step so that the woman’s sinking onto a softly bent knee afterwards will coincide exactly with the man’s knee bend for his RFO edge on beat 3. After the swing rocker the woman’s free leg must be swung forward to match the man’s free leg. After the woman’s swing rocker the pattern continues to approach the midline before curving away and care should be taken that both partners are on outside edges.

During the swing rocker the couple changes to closed hold which is maintained until step 7b when the couple resumes open hold for the remainder of the dance. The man must skate an open stroke for step 6 and should be in a position exactly opposite his partner at the beginning of the edge to execute his LFO3.

Step 8 is a cross roll. Steps 10 and 11 are strong outside edges. Steps 11 and 12 are outside closed mohawks for both partners. The free leg is first extended behind turned out and then is placed beside the heel of the skating foot, arriving exactly in time for the mohawk. The man must be careful not to curve his step 11 too deeply since the woman must curve her edge at least as deeply in order to be in position beside him for the turn. To achieve the correct positions, the shoulders must be well checked entering the turn. The mohawk must be directed towards the side/long barrier to achieve a nicely rounded end pattern if the dance is to commence again at the midline. After the mohawk the partners continue a slow clockwise rotation through steps 12 and 13 so as to be travelling forward on step 14 for the restart of the dance. Both partners commence step 13 crossed in front approximately at the center line.

The Rocker Foxtrot should be skated with good knee action, change of lean and flow to enhance the character of a Foxtrot.


  • Eric van der Weyden and Eva Keats

First performance

  • London, Streatham Ice Rink, 1934


Hold  Step No.  Man’s Step  Number of Beats of Music  Woman’s Step
Open  LFO      LFO
  XB-RFI      XB-RFI
  LFO      LFO
  RFI-Pr      RFI-Pr
Closed  5a  LFO    1+3  LFO-SwRk
  5b  RFO  2      
  LFO3  1+1    RBO
Open  7a  RBO    LFO
  7b  LFO  2      
  CR-RFO      CR-RFO
  LFI-Pr      LFI-Pr
  10  RFO      RFO
  11  LFO     LFO
    ClMo       ClMo
  12  RBO      RBO
  13  XF-LBI      XF-LBI
  14  RFI      RFI


International Dance - Set Pattern

Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


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