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Junior Silver Dance Patterns - 3660 Keats Foxtrot


  • Foxtrot 4/4


  • 25 measures of 4 beats per minute
  • 100 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 4 sequences is 1:07 min

The dance begins with the partners in open hold with their shoulders and hips close together. Step 2 is a crossed behind chassé for both partners. Step 4a is a cross rolled three turn for the man after which the partners are in closed hold. Step 4 for the woman commences with a cross roll then she extends her free leg behind for the full 4 counts, accentuating count 3 with a knee bend corresponding to the man’s knee action for his change of foot. She must be careful to avoid lunging. On steps 4b and 5 the man’s free foot leaves the ice in front and is then drawn down beside the skating foot in preparation for the next step.

Step 5 is a cross roll three turn for the woman while the man skates a RBO edge. Step 7 is a progressive for both partners. The partners remain in closed hold until the end of step 8. Then the man should be at the side of the woman (almost in outside hold) with their right shoulders opposite for his cross roll three turn (step 9).

The closed hold is resumed for step 10. The man skates a progressive during step 11 while the woman prepares for the mohawk. On step 11 the woman does not swing the free leg, but after extending it behind, merely brings the free foot down beside the skating heel (keeping the free foot well turned out), then performs an outside closed mohawk on count 1. To facilitate the woman’s mohawk, good edges must be skated on steps 10 and 11.

On step 12, the free legs of both the partners swing up together, then are drawn down evenly so that, by the end of count 4, they are at the heel of the skating foot ready for step 13. Step 13 should be stepped close to the heel of the skating foot. Step 14 is an open stroke stepped close beside the skating foot. Steps 13 and 14 should be strong inside edges.

The Foxtrot must be danced, not stepped. There must be soft knee action and flow. The free foot must always be placed on the ice close beside the skating foot. The dance is designed to be skated on deep edges with semi-circular lobes.


  • Eric van der Weyden and Eva Keats

First performance

  • London, Westminster Ice Rink, 1933


Hold Step No. Man’s Step Number of Beats of Music Woman’s Step
Open LFO      LFO
  XB-RFI      XB-RFI
  LFO      LFO
Closed 4a CR-RFO3 1+1   4 CR-RFO
  4b LBO 2      
  RBO 2   1+1 CR-LFO3
  LFO      RBO
  RFI-Pr      LBI-Pr
LFO      RBO
Closed  CR-RFO3  1+1    CR-LBO
  10  LBO      RFO
  11a  RBO    LFO
  11b  LBI-Pr 1     ClMo
Open 12  RBO     RBO
  13  LFI      LFI
  14  RFI      RFI

*Partial outside hold at end of step 8


International Dance - Optional Pattern


Reproduced with permission of the International Skating Union


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