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Junior Bronze Dance Patterns - 3656 Willow Waltz


  • Waltz 3/4


  • 46 measures of 3 beats 
  • 138 beats per minute


  • Set

Suggested Introductory Steps: with woman starting on right of man

Man: RFO (3), LFO (2), chasse RFI, steps 20 to 22
Woman: RFO (3), LFO (3), steps 20 to 22

Erect carriage and waltz rhythm should be maintained throughout the dance. Partners should skate close together and strive for neat footwork. Good flow and pace are desirable and should be strived for without obvious effort and visible pushing.

The Willow Waltz is skated in closed hold throughout. Steps 1 and 2 are chasse steps for both partners.

Steps 5 and 6 for the man form an inside open mohawk with a three-beat RFI leading into it and a three-beat LBI leading out. Step 6 for the woman (and step 19 for the man) may be skated, optionally, as a slide chasse, in which case the free foot slides off the ice in front of the skater to match the partner's free leg at this step.

The woman's step 8 is a three turned on a beat three.

Steps 9, 10 and 11 form a progressive sequence for both partners and are followed by a chasse sequence, steps 12 and 13.

The man's step 14 is a three turned on beat three; (NOTE: not a European Waltz type of three as it is not a cross roll take-off).

Steps 18 and 19 form an inside open mohawk for the woman with each step held for three beats. Step 19 for the man may be skated optionally as a slide chasse.

Steps 20, 21 and 22 are a progressive sequence for both partners.


  • George Muller

First Performed

  • Crystal Ice Palace, Willow Springs (Chicago), 1953


Hold  Step No.  Man's Step  Number of Beats of Music  Woman's Step
Closed  RFO      LBO
  LFI-Ch      RBI-Ch
  RFO      LBO
  LFO      RBO
  5 RFI     LFO
   6   LBI       RFI 
   7  RBO        LFO
   8  LBO   3      2+1   RFO3
   9   RFO      LBO 
  10  LFI-Pr      RBI-Pr
  11  RFO      LBO
  12  LFO      RBO
  13  RFI-Ch      LBI-Ch
  14  LFO3  2+1    RBO
  15  RBO      LFO
  16  LBO      RFO
  17  RBI      LFI
  18 LFO     RFI
  19  RFI      LBI
  20  LFO      RBO
  21  RFI-Pr      LBI-Pr
  22  LFO      RBO


Set Pattern Dance


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