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Preliminary Dance Patterns - 3653 Baby Blues


  • Blues 4/4


  • 22 measures of 4 beats 
  • 88 beats per minute


  • Set

Suggested Introductory Steps:

LFO (2) RFO (2) LFO Swing Roll (4) for both partners, the woman starting on the man’s right.

The dance starts in one corner of the rink facing the centre of the ice, progressing down the side across the end and around the corner where it repeats, thus requiring two sequences of the dance for one round of the rink.

The dance consists mainly of two beat progressive sequences skated in Kilian hold. Step 7 (RFOI) and Step 14 (LFO- SwR) are the only 4 beat edges. The free leg swing forward and back on Step 7 is executed as follows: forward on count 2 and back on count 3.

The simple steps allow beginners to get the feel of the music and enjoy rhythmical motion in their skating. Because of the use of slow Blues music, this dance promotes the use of long edges.

Upright position, good carriage and easy flow without too much effort are desired in the dance. The partners should strive for unison of the free leg swings (Step 7 in particular) and soft knee action throughout the dance. The dance is skating in Kilian hold.


  • Unknown

First Performed

  • Unknown


Both partners skate same steps

Hold Step No. Step
(Same for both)
Number of beats of Music
Kilian RFO  2
  LFI-Pr  2
  RFI  2
  LFO  2
  RFI-Pr  2
  LFI  2
  RFOI-Sw  2+2
  LFO  2
  RFI-Pr  2
  10  LFI  2
  11  RFO  2
  12  CR-LFO  2
  13  RFI-Pr  2
  14  LFO- SwR  4


Set Pattern Dance

Both partners skate same steps



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