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Soliciting Express Consent

When not relying on implied consent (as in the case with members), you must obtain express consent from individuals on your subscriber list. An example of a target group that would match this criteria would be an external media contacts list, fan newsletter list, etc.

We have an opportunity until the end of June 2014 to ask for express consent to be obtained. The following is a selection of sample text that could be sent to your external subscriber list. Following this message (especially starting from July 1st, 2014), you must not contact the subscribers again unless they have used the subscribe mechanism to indicate their desire to continue receiving updates.

Dear Subscriber,

You had previously subscribed to the Skate Canada newsletters. We would like to keep you on our e-mail list for future announcements and exciting news!

If you are interested in continuing to receive updates via e-mail, please click the button below to provide your consent.


Steps to follow when using an e-mail campaign platform

  1. Import your subscribers that will receive your consent solicitation;
  2. Send the consent solicitation e-mail (example above);
  3. Immediately unsubscribe all subscribers once the mailing has been sent, allowing them to re-subscribe as they click onto the subscription mechanism link.
    • This will ensure that you do not mistakenly contact them unless they opt-in following receipt of the consent solicitation e-mail.
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