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2014‐2015 Technical Clarification #1 (April 10, 2014) - Spiral Sequence Requirements Singles and Pairs (Junior Bronze to Juvenile)

See ISU for Junior and Senior requirement of a choreographic sequence. 

2014-2015 season - The following requirements only apply to Jr Bronze to Gold and Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile categories. Pre-Novice and Novice skaters will instead perform a step sequence in the short program and a choreographic sequence in the free program.  The program requirements and the requirements for the choreographic sequence can be found in the 2014-2015 Singles/Pairs/Ice Dance Program Requirements. 


Junior Bronze to Gold and Pre-Juvenile to Juvenile

Spiral Sequence: A collection of at least two spirals executed on different feet, separated by no more than four steps not including the step taken into the skating foot of the second spiral. (A step in this case applies to any time a change of foot takes place, e.g. Mohawk = 2 steps, 3-turn = 1 step, crosscut = 2 steps).

Spiral: A gliding position executed on one foot with free leg extended (including knee and foot) above hip level.

  •  A spiral sequence meeting the above definition will receive a Basic Level call. 
  • The first two spirals performed that meet the definition will be identified as a spiral sequence.

  • If there is not at least one spiral with a sustained position (i.e., not kicked) on each foot then the element will be called "no level" by the technical panel.

  • If there is not at least one spiral with an unsupported position the element will be called no level.

  • If one or both of the two required spirals is so short that the edge is not well established or the position is not held long enough to be evaluated, the judge may assess a GOE penalty according to "poor position" and/or "poor edge" as applicable.

  • In the case of a pair team, both partners must perform spirals meeting the spiral sequence definition. 


(Junior Bronze to Gold and Pre-Juvenile to Juvenile Events)                                            

FOR + 1 : 2 bullets                    FOR + 2 : 4 bullets            FOR + 3 : 6 or more bullets      

1)    good flow and edge quality

2)    good speed during sequence

3)    good body line and full extension

4)    both spirals held for 3 or more seconds each

5)    good flexibility

6)    creativity and originality

7)    ability to attain positions and variations quickly and effortlessly

8)    reflecting concept/character of the program

9)    element matched to the musical structure


GUIDELINES FOR GOE REDUCTIONS – SPIRAL SEQUENCES                                                 

(Junior Bronze to Gold and Pre-Juvenile to Juvenile Events)     

Errors for which GOE must be in the minuses: 

Errors for which the GOE is not restricted: 

FALL, reduction –3

Poor positions, reduction –1 to –3

Stumble, reduction –1 to –2

Poor edge   quality, reduction –1 to –2

Does not conform to the music, reduction –1 to -2

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