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G - General Qualifications for Tests in the STARSkate Program



  1. WHO MAY TAKE TESTS: The Test Program is open to Associate Members, Restricted Members and Profession Coaches of the Association, and to eligible members of affiliated foreign associations. See By-law 1202 for member participation in the Association and Section 2100 for eligibility status of the individual.
  2. SKATERS: The Test Chair shall not permit a skater to participate in a test session unless the skater has a current registration number and all eligibility requirements have been verified prior to test day. The registration card or receipt for the application for registration, shall be shown to the Test Chair and the registration number shall be recorded on all test and summary sheets. (Rule 4301 (2))
  3. PROFESSIONAL COACHES: Skate Canada coaches desiring to try tests shall be registered for the current membership year in accordance with Rule 1202 (3) and provide their coach's registration card to the Test Chair.
  4. FOREIGN ELIGIBLE PERSONS: Foreign eligible persons desiring to try Skate Canada tests must be registered Associate members of the Association unless they are members of an affiliated foreign association.
  5. USFSA MEMBERS: Members of the USFSA must provide:
    1. Permission in writing from their home club, or in the case of a USFSA individual member, their membership card
    2. USFSA registration card
    3. A test certificate evidencing the fact that the candidate has passed the necessary USFSA test or certification of USFSA National Competition status as appropriate.



  1. FEES DETERMINED BY THE BOARD: Fees for attempting tests are determined by the Board of Directors and are subject to change from time to time. (Rule 4402)
  2. FREE SKATING TEST FEE: Each candidate for a part of a free skating test shall pay a fee of $10.00.
  3. DANCE TEST FEE: Each candidate for an individual dance/part of a dance test shall pay a fee of $10.00.
  4. SKATING SKILLS AND INTERPRETIVE TEST FEE: Each candidate for a Skating Skills test or Interpretive test shall pay a fee of $10.00.
  5. GOLD TEST CHALLENGE FEES: Skaters who apply to take a Gold test without having passed the previous tests must pay the applicable test fee plus a challenge fee of $50 per part (i.e., $50 for part A and $50 for part B of a free skating test and $50 for each pattern dance).
  6. FOREIGN SKATERS: Eligible skaters from foreign countries who are not members of a Skate Canada club and hence do not have a Skate Canada registration card shall pay a fee of $30.00 for each part of a test, or dance comprising a dance test taken in addition to the regular fees listed above. Written certification of membership in an affiliated foreign association will be required. The registration or identification number within that association must be entered on the test summary.
  7. ADDITIONAL CLUB OR SKATING SCHOOL LEVY: Member clubs and skating schools are not permitted to charge a skater more than the official Association test fee as determined according to this regulation for taking a test except that an additional administrative charge may be levied where necessary to recover the actual expenses of conducting the test day, provided no profit is made in the process and provided the skater is advised of the estimated cost prior to the Test Day.
  8. FEES DUE IF TEST IS PASSED OR FAILED: All fees are payable to the Association whether the test is passed or failed.


A candidate for a test must have passed all of the preceding tests in the same category in all disciplines except as permitted by the special provisions outlined below:

  1. CREDIT FOR TESTS TAKEN: Any test, including a single Pattern dance, which has been completed, according to the rules in force at the time of completion, will be credited to the candidate regardless of any subsequent changes in the test system. (Rule 4403 (1))
  2. USFSA GOLD TEST SKATERS: USFSA members who have passed the USFSA Gold Free Skating or Dance Test may apply to take the Skate Canada Gold Free Skating Test, Gold Dance Test or Gold Interpretive Test respectively without further qualification. (Rule 4403 (5))



To pass an evaluated test, the candidate must meet the requirements specified in the test. See Technical Handbook for requirements specified in the test. (Rule 4404)


  1. REQUIREMENT TO RETRY ENTIRE TEST OR PART OF TEST: A candidate who wishes to retry a test or part of a test, shall retry the test or part of the test in its entirety. When a skater passes a part(s) of a test the successful part(s) shall be recorded by Skate Canada National Office and shall not be retried. (Rule 4406 (1))

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