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2.8 - Display of Advertising (Rule 2205 (1) (c))

Eligible persons shall abide, in relation to qualifying events leading to International Competitions, ISU Championships and the Olympic Games by provision of ISU Regulations, Canadian Olympic Association 
and International Olympic Association in effect from time to time regarding the display of advertising. In addition, eligible persons shall abide, in relation to qualifying events leading to and including the Canadian Championships with the following:

(i) the display of any product, logo, service or enterprise name, any trademark, or any other kind of advertising is not permitted:

(A) on the person, clothing or equipment of skaters while competing, while in the “kiss and cry” area, and during the award ceremonies, except for trademarks of the producers of the boots and blades which are inserted on such equipment;

(B) on the person or, clothing of officials and coaches while appearing in the ice rink during the period when competitive events are taking place on the ice.

(ii) Except as specified in (A) above, skaters may display on their persons, clothing and equipment not more than two (2) trademarks which must be dignified and no larger than thirty (30) square centimeters for any commercial product, service or enterprise. One trademark of the clothing supplier may also be displayed, not larger than thirteen (13) square centimeters.

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