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1.7 - Use of Skate Canada Logo

Skate Canada member organizations are requested to use the Skate Canada logo. By using the logo on marketing and advertising material the public will become aware of the connection between the national body, regional offices and local skating clubs. Complete standards regarding logo colour options and placement on material have been developed by the Marketing and Sponsorship Department and are available on Members Only.

Skate Canada Sections should use the logo specifically designed to reflect their affiliation with the national body e.g. Skate Canada – British Columbia.

Clubs and skating schools should use the Skate Canada logo in conjunction with their club name to promote their relationship to the national body. Clubs and skating schools also have the opportunity to get a club logo integrating the Skate Canada logo.

All logo-related inquiries should be directed to the Marketing and Sponsorship Department at 1.888.747.2372.

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