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Eligibility for Expenses Policy


The following shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses in connection with the stated events, in compliance with the rules below:

1.1 SKATERS: a skater giving an exhibition or participating in an event or activity sanctioned by the Association;

1.2 OFFICIALS: an evaluator/judge or other official for a test day or sanctioned competition;

1.3 OTHERS: any person travelling on Association business.



2.1 TRANSPORTATION EXPENSES: First class transportation by regularly scheduled train, or bus including sleeping accommodation on overnight journeys or economy class transportation by plane. If travelling in a private automobile, an allowance at a rate determined by the Board of Directors which shall be announced at the Annual Meeting (See Notice Board). Such allowance for a private automobile shall not exceed the highest cost of transportation by any of the preceding methods. This allowance shall be paid to one person only and not to additional passengers.

2.2 LIVING EXPENSES: Reasonable hotel, meal and incidental expenses at a rate determined by the Board of Directors from time to time. See Notice Board.

2.3 REASONABLE EXPENSES: All reasonable expenses incurred within the above limits. This may include expenses for one day before and one day after the event. The number of days for which expenses are to be paid shall be determined, and agreed upon in advance by the club holding the event and the individual’s home club, or the Section Evaluators/Judges Committee, or the Association, whichever is applicable. The expenses charged shall not exceed the actual expenses incurred and a detailed expense account shall be submitted to the club or organization responsible for paying the expenses within two weeks after the last date on which the expenses were incurred.

2.4 LOSS OF WAGES: Payment for loss of time or wages shall not be requested or accepted, directly or indirectly, except that payment for loss of salary may be accepted, at the discretion of the Skate Canada Board of Directors, provided evidence of salary loss is submitted to the Board in the manner and details required by the Board of Directors.

2.5 COMPETITIONS: For competitions Skate Canada shall ensure that suitable hotel accommodation is arranged, and shall set a daily allowance for meals and incidentals, subject to the approval of the Technical Representative based on local conditions. All officials shall be advised in advance of the allowances so set.

2.6 BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT: A club or organization receiving an expense account may, before making payment, submit the account for approval to the Section Evaluators/Judges Committee or to the Association National Office.



Skaters under the age of eighteen may apply for the payment of expenses of one additional person, provided that such person is a qualified chaperone and acts as such. For skaters travelling in a group, the number of chaperones that may be claimed as an expense may not exceed one for every five girls under eighteen years and one for every five boys under eighteen years.



A competitor may accept financial assistance for expenses in attending a competition from any source. The total amount received from all sources shall not exceed the actual out-of-pocket expenses. The competitor shall, if requested by the Association, submit a detailed list of these receipts and expenditures.



For judging or skating in a foreign country, the expense rules of that association, subject to ISU rules, shall apply.



6.1 TOTAL VALUE: The total value of all gifts to one participant in a figure skating exhibition shall not exceed the amount prescribed by the Board of Directors (currently $200.00) or, in the case of ISU sanctioned events and exhibition tours, the amounts prescribed by the ISU. An exhibition for the purposes of this rule shall be interpreted as being all of the performances during the period of the sanctioned event as stated on the official Skate Canada Sanction form.

6.2 TYPE OF GIFT: The gift may take the form of a gift-certificate or purchase voucher provided that such certificate or voucher may not be sold or converted (wholly or in part) for cash.

6.3 AUTHORIZED DIRECT PAYMENTS NOT AFFECTED: A direct payment to eligible persons performing in skating events sanctioned by the Association under the provisions of Rule 2206 to the amount authorized by the Board of Directors shall not be affected by this rule. See Rule 2205(2).

6.4 CLUB HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: An honorary membership in a skating club, which does not include any financial benefits other than ordinary membership, shall not be affected by this rule.



Individuals or clubs violating rules regarding expenses shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Association which may include:

(i) in the case of individuals, loss or suspension of eligible status

(ii) in the case of clubs, loss or suspension of membership in the Association



A copy of the Travel and Living Policy which sets out the conditions governing travel on official business for Skate Canada is available from the Corporate Affairs Department at National Office.

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