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Club and Skating School Approval Policy

The Club Approval Policy and the Skating School Approval Policy have been combined into this updated policy that covers both types of organizations.  Due to the large number of changes that were made to this document, a clean version has been posted here (i.e. no strikethroughs or underlines showing the added and deleted portions) for ease of reading. 


Effective Date

Revised Date: July 2016

DEFINITIONS (where definitions provided elsewhere, that location is provided. If not defined elsewhere, definition is below):

Club: Reference Info Centre > Skate Canada Bylaws > Article 1: Definitions

Skating School: Reference Info Centre > Skate Canada Bylaws > Article 1: Definitions

Impact Statement: Document used at the discretion of the Section to identify potential impact of the approval of an applicant club or skating school on the activity of a neighbouring club or skating school. The Impact Statement form can be found in the Info Centre under Clubs and Skating Schools > Becoming a Skate Canada Club or Skating School.

Club and Skating School Minimum Operating Standards Policy: Reference Info Centre > Rule Book > Section 1000 - Policies and Procedures.

APPLICATION: The following must be included with the application in order for it to be considered as complete. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for completion prior to consideration.

  • Clubs: 
    • Completed, signed and dated Club Constitution and Bylaws
    • Listing of club’s board of directors and initial administrator
  • Skating schools:
    • Complete package of all skating school policies specific to the management of the skating school.
    • Complete listing of all owners, directors and administrators
  • Clubs and skating schools:
    • List of all coaches intending to be active within the club or skating school
    • Information on the Skate Canada programs being offered and sessions of operation

The Section may approach the two closest Skating Clubs or Skating Schools to obtain an impact statement.

MINIMUM OPERATING STANDARDS: To become a Member of Skate Canada, a club/skating school must demonstrate the ability to meet the conditions as listed in the Skate Canada Club and Skating School Minimum Operating Standards Policy.

APPROVAL OF CLUB/SKATING SCHOOL AS A MEMBER: All pending Membership Applications shall initially be reviewed by the home Section of the club/skating school. All applications, both those approved and not approved are to be forwarded to the National Service Centre.

Those approved by the Section will be reviewed at the National Service Centre. This review is to confirm that a complete application was received and reviewed by the Section as part of approval. If the application is complete, the approved club or skating school will be contacted with information on how to register and commence operations. If it is determined that the application was not complete, final approval will be withheld until a complete and approved application is received from the Section.

Those applications not approved by the Section will be kept on file at the Section and at the National Service Centre.

APPEAL: Any application not approved by the Section may be brought by the applicant to the National Service Centre for review. The National Service Centre reserves the right to seek input from the Sections Coordinating Committee as part of this review. Following this review, the National Service Centre may make recommendation to the Section to review their decision, however may not overturn the decision. The Section or National Service Centre or Sections Coordinating Committee reserves the right to request additional information of a general or specific nature regarding the applicant.

CHANGE OF LOCATION OF A CLUB OR SKATING SCHOOL: Should a club or skating school wish to change its location, application to do so must be completed and submitted for review. This application process is the same as used for initial application as a Skate Canada club or skating school.

For procedure to be followed when applying to become a Skate Canada Club or Skating School, please refer to the Application Package – Becoming a Skate Canada Club or Skating School. Please review the Conditions of Maintaining Membership as well.


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