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C - General Conduct & Marking of Synchronized Skating Competitions & Championships



    1. Prior to the announcement, the next Team to skate must enter the ice surface for their warmup at the sign of the Referee's Assistant at ice level. Following the warmup period of at least one (1) minute, the Team is announced
    2. Each Team must take the starting position and make a signal to the Referee of each Segment of the competition (Short Program and Free Skating) at the latest thirty (30) seconds after their name has been announced, failing which the music will be played
  2. COMMENCEMENT OF TIMING: Timing shall begin from the moment the team begins a skating movement (glide) or skating until arriving at a complete stop at the end of the program. Skating must commence within ten seconds from the start of the music. The timing must be reckoned from the moment that a Skater begins to move (arm, head, etc.) or to skate until arriving at a complete stop at the end of the program.
  3. ENTERING AND EXITING THE ICE SURFACE: Warm-up periods must be allotted to all teams.
    1. Each team shall be allowed one (1) minute of warm-up (without music) on the competition ice surface immediately prior to their performance. Warm-up time must be reckoned from the moment the team is announced;
    2. A team must not take more than thirty (30) seconds for exiting from the ice surface for both the short program and free skating.
    3. The first team in each starting group is granted a one (1) minute warmup period before their call to start.


(Amendment passed at the 2013 AGM, effective July 1, 2013)



    1. INTERRUPTION IN SHORT OR FREE PROGRAM: In the case of short program and free skating:
      1. If there is an interruption or stop in the music, or circumstances arise which jeopardize the safety of the team on account of unexpected damage to its clothing or equipment which impedes their skating, the team must stop skating at the signal of the Referee; 
      2. If the circumstances which caused the team to stop can be rectified without delay, the team shall continue immediately from the point of interruption; 
      3. If this is not possible, a period of up to three (3) minutes will be allowed to correct the equipment problem or replace the skater having a problem with an alternate before continuing the program from the point of interruption;
      4. If the tempo or quality of the music is deficient, no restart may be made unless the team informs the Referee within 30 seconds after the start.
      5. If there is an interruption or stop in the music or any other problem such as lighting, etc, etc not caused by the Team and which needs a time to be repaired, the three (3) minute period will not be in place.
    2. TIMING OF THE THREE MINUTE ALLOWANCE: When a program is interrupted the timing of the three minute allowance will commence immediately after the referee has stopped the performance with a loud signal.
    3. In the case of an interruption in the competition due to unforeseen circumstances of more than ten (10) minutes, the teams concerned will be permitted to a second warm-up period of one (1) minute for both the short program and free skating. 
    1. If, in the opinion of the Referee, medical attention is required, the Referee must stop the performance, replace the injured skater with an alternate and allow the team to continue immediately from the point of interruption or, if that is not possible, allow a period of up to three (3) minutes before the continuation. The three (3) minute period commences immediately after the Referee’s decision. 
    2. In case of skater’s injury, which requires skater’s evacuation by the medical personal from the ice surface and/or new ice resurface is needed after the accident, this three (3) minute period is not in place.
  2. RESTARTS OF SHORT OR FREE PROGRAM: No restarts of the entire program are allowed.
  3. SUBSTITUTION OF SKATERS: Once a synchronized skating program has started, no substitution of personnel will be permitted. However, registered team alternates may be substituted if the team’s program is stopped by the Referee due to injury or equipment problems.
  4. MARKING AN INCOMPLETE PERFORMANCE: If a team is unable to complete the program, no marks are to be awarded. The same applies to the situation in which a team has been given the opportunity to restart the entire program or to restart from the point of interruption and once more is unable to complete the program.
  5. PROVISION TO COMPETE WITH FEWER THAN MINIMUM SKATERS: If at any event a team registers the minimum number of competitors in accordance with Rule 6301 and 6501 but no alternates, they shall be permitted to compete with less than the minimum number of team members in the event that an injury or accident occurs.



  1. CLOTHING AND MAKE-UP MUST BE APPROPRIATE FOR ATHLETIC COMPETITION: Clothing and make-up must be modest, dignified, appropriate for athletic competition not garish or theatrical in design. Clothing may, however, reflect the character of the music chosen: 
    1. The clothing must not give the effect of excessive nudity for an athletic sport
    2. Women may wear skirt or body suit, or full length trousers Women’s skirts must not be below the top of the calf of the legs for safety reasons
    3. Men must wear full length trousers; no tights are permitted 
    4. Clothing and make-up must not be theatrical and must not highlight any skater;
    5. Headdresses must be kept to a minimum. Any ornamentation attached to clothing or head must be firmly fastened so as not to fall off while skating under normal competitive conditions.Part of the costume or decoration falling on the ice will be penalized by the Referee by a deduction (Rule Book > CPC > Section A-105).
    6. There can be no props on the ice and hand props such as banners, canes or pompoms are not permitted.
  2. DISPLAY OF TRADEMARKS: See Rule 2205 (1) (c).
  3. TYPE OF SKATES PERMITTED: Figure skates or hockey skates may be used although figure skates are preferable.
  4. PENALTIES FOR CLOTHING NON COMPLIANCE: Clothing not meeting the foregoing requirements must be penalized by the judges by a deduction of 0.1 in the second mark.(Rule Book > CPC > Section A - 105).


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