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2503 - Appointment or Promotion as a Judge or Referee

The appointment, promotion and monitoring of all judges and referees up to and including the International level shall be dealt with in the following manner:

  1. Each year the Section Evaluators/Judges Committees shall review all judges and referees on their lists and make recommendations to the Domestic Officials’ Committee regarding their appointment, retention or promotion. The decisions of the Section Evaluators/Judges Committees regarding Primary to Novice appointments shall take effect immediately. All other appointments must be submitted to the Domestic Officials’ Committee for approval. Challenge and Canadian promotions must be approved by the Domestic Officials’ Committee. International promotions must be approved by the High Performance Committee.
  2. An individual wishing to appeal the recommendation of the Section Evaluators/Judges Committee shall forward such an appeal to the Chair of Domestic Officials’ Committee with a copy to the Chair of the applicable Section Committee.
  3. The Domestic Officials’ Committee shall have the authority, in exceptional circumstances, to recommend the promotion of judges or referees even if the requirements for promotion have not been entirely met. All such promotions shall be reported to the Skate Canada Board of Directors.
  4. Any individual wishing to appeal the decisions of these committees shall forward the appeal to the appropriate committee Chair with a copy to the applicable Section Evaluators/Judges Committee. 
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