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2207 - Television, Radio and Other Media

  1. All rights pertaining to the televising of skating exhibitions, championships and competitions shall be vested solely in the Association.
  2. Television appearances are for the one occasion only in any one area and shall not be used in other circumstances and at other times through the use of videotaping or other reproduction devices unless express permission has been granted.
  3. Use of the name or photograph or any reproduction of the likeness of a Member of the Association who is an eligible person, or their appearance in person as a skater, in a television or radio broadcast or a motion picture or to advertise or promote any product, service or enterprise, shall only be permitted as follows:
    1. as a bona fide performance, record or advertisement of a Skate Canada sanctioned activity.
    2. when authorized under the Association Skater Trust Program.
    3. in news programs which are solely reporting sports events.
    4. for furthering the objectives of the Association. See also Rule 2204.
  4. Special sanctions for the purpose of promoting figure skating may be granted by the Board of Directors.
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