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2105 - Reinstatement to Eligible Person Status

  1. SKATE CANADA ACTIVITIES AND COMPETITIONS: The Board of Directors may reinstate a person with restricted eligibility, or an ineligible person who has violated Rule 2103, to an eligible person. Persons who have violated Rule 2103 (ii) and (iii) will not normally be reinstated.  The Board of Directors may consider a reinstatement of such ineligible person for extraordinary reasons.  Such reinstatement will be considered on a case by case basis.
  2. ISU ACTIVITIES AND COMPETITIONS OR OLYMPICS: A person reinstated by the Association may participate fully in all ISU activities and competitions under the jurisdiction of the ISU or the Winter Olympic Games only if he/she has also been reinstated as an eligible person by the ISU Council in accordance with ISU regulations.
  3. APPLICATIONS FOR REINSTATEMENT: Application for reinstatement as an eligible person shall only be considered when at least 90 days has elapsed since the acts took place that resulted in loss of eligible status. Such application shall be as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  4. REPORTING OF REINSTATEMENTS: Reinstatements of persons shall be reported by the Rules/Membership Chair at the following Annual General Meeting.
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