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I - Administration of Tests in the STARSkate Program


  1. BE FAMILIAR WITH APPLICABLE MANUALS AND SUPPLIES: Persons in charge of arranging tests should also consult the Association manual “Test Chair’s Handbook”. For this and other supplies required for tests refer to the current Association Catalogue of Supplies. (Rule 4602 (1))
  2. VERIFY CANDIDATES ELIGIBILITY FOR TESTS: The Test Chair shall not permit a skater to participate in a test session unless the skater has a current registration number and all eligibility requirements have been verified prior to test day. The registration card or receipt for the application for registration, shall be shown to the Test Chair and the registration number shall be recorded on all test and summary sheets. (Rule 4602 (2))


Except as noted below all Skate Canada tests must be held in Canada.

  1. USA: Skate Canada tests may be held in the U.S.A. provided that such tests are sponsored and conducted by a Skate Canada club.
  2. OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Tests may be held in foreign countries, under exceptional circumstances, with the permission of the Board of Directors.
  3. CONTACT NATIONAL OFFICE: Clubs and skating schools wishing to hold tests as defined in (1) and (2) above must contact the National Office at least two weeks prior to the scheduled test date for detailed information.


  1. LOCAL RULES: Any local rules set up by a Section and approved by the Chair of the Skate Canada National Judges Subcommittee with respect to the scheduling of tests, shall be binding on the clubs and skaters of that Section providing they do not interfere with the intent or application of Skate Canada Rules and Policies. (Rule 4601)
    1. NOTICE POSTED TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF TESTS BEING HELD: At least two weeks before tests are to be held, a club or skating school shall post a notice listing the following information:
      1. The types of tests to be held.
      2. The dates and places of each type of test.
      3. The closing date for receiving applications. This date shall be at least two weeks before the scheduled time for the tests.
    2. LATE ENTRIES: Entries received after the closing date can be accepted only by the evaluators, judges or adjudicators who will be judging the tests.
    3. TESTS NOT SCHEDULED: A candidate wishing to try a test which has not been scheduled shall apply to his home organization he or she is attending. The club or skating school shall be responsible for arranging the test within a reasonable period of time.
    4. TRYING A TEST AT A CLUB OR SKATING SCHOOL OTHER THAN THE HOME ORGANIZATION: A candidate wishing to try a test at other than his or her home organization must secure the written consent of his or her home organization prior to taking the test. Clubs which are inactive for a portion of the year may file a blanket permission with the Association for their members to take tests during the period of the club's inactivity.


  1. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FEE: A candidate who withdraws within fourteen days of the time announced for the test shall be liable for the test fee. This fee shall be submitted with the fees for the tests tried. This applies to all tests including competition tests.
  2. CANDIDATE WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE: The candidate's name shall be entered on the summary sheet and marked as "not tried". The test shall be considered as a failed test.
  3. EXCEPTIONS: The above shall not apply if the Test Chair at the relevant session is satisfied that illness or accident necessitated the withdrawal.


  1. CALCULATIONS OF RESULTS: The calculation of the result of a test shall be made by the evaluator or judges at the completion of the test.
    1. The results shall not be released until checked by the referee.
    2. The evaluator's or judge's sheets are to be made available as soon as possible after the completion of the test to the candidate, his parents and his coach. They are not to be made available to other persons except for official record purposes.


An official test summary report must be completed for all tests taken and must be checked and signed by the referee/evaluator. The registration number and the home club of candidates must be noted on the test summary report. The club or skating school holding the tests must send the test summary report accompanied by the applicable fees to the Executive Director of the Association within three weeks of the date of the tests. Failure to report within the time limit or failure to remit the fees will render the tests null and void except at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. (Rule 4603)

  1. RESULTS OF TEST RECORDED ON TEST SUMMARY: The results awarded by each evaluator or judge for each test shall be recorded on the summary sheet. Individual dances shall be recorded separately. For tests that consist of more than one portion, the results for each portion shall be recorded. For Single Panel tests, only one mark shall be entered and the test must be noted as a single panel test.
  2. PROGRAM THEME FOR ARTISTIC TEST RECORDED ON TEST SUMMARY: In the case of the artistic tests, the theme of the program shall be noted on the test summary.
    1. CLUB: One copy of the test summary must be retained by the club or skating school holding the tests for a period of at least two years.
    2. CANDIDATE: The original evaluator's/judge's test sheet shall be given to the candidate. When a test is taken by a candidate at other than his home club, the club or skating school holding the test must forward the original evaluator's/judge's sheet to the home club concerned, and notify that club of the number of the summary sheet upon which the marks are entered. These original evaluator's/judge's sheets may then be returned to the candidate. This rule applies to all tests, passed or failed.
  4. CHANGE OF NAME OF A CANDIDATE: A candidate who, since the taking of any previous test, has changed his name or home club should notify the club or skating school of such change when applying for a test. Full details should be sent to the Executive Director of the Association with the report of the test taken.
  5. CANDIDATES FROM FOREIGN ASSOCIATIONS: When a candidate from a foreign association takes a Skate Canada test the Chief Executive Officer of the Association will notify the secretary of the foreign association of the results of the test.


  1. OFFICIAL TEST EMBLEMS: The emblems for the successful passing of tests shall be the Skate Canada test medals, bars, pins and badge emblems.
  2. ISSUING OF TEST EMBLEMS: All emblems shall be issued by the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, when s/he has been officially advised that the test has been passed. Requests for emblems must be made and payment received from the candidate or his home club. For the list of emblems available and prices of same see the current Association "Catalogue of Supplies".
  3. GOLD PIN:
    1. GENERAL: A gold pin shall be presented gratis by the Association to all candidates passing the Gold Artistic Singles or Couples Test, Gold Free Skating Test, Gold Dance Test, Gold Interpretive Dance Test, Diamond Dance Test, Gold Skating Skills Test or Senior Competitive Tests (Singles, Pairs or Dance). (Rule 4604 (1))


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