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A - Organization & conduct for all competitions & championships



  1. ALL SANCTIONED COMPETITIONS GOVERNED BY SKATE CANADA RULES: All sanctioned figure skating competitions held in Canada other than Olympic, World, Junior World Championships or other International events hosted in Canada shall be governed by the rules of the Association. Skate Canada undertakes long range planning for all Skate Canada competitions and championships and develops policies for their efficient management. (Rule 7301 (1))
  2. ALL PERSONS ACTING IN OFFICIAL CAPACITY FOR AN EVENT MUST BE ELIGIBLE: All persons acting in any official or control capacity must be eligible persons as defined in Section 2100. (Rule 7301 (2))
  3. AUTHORITY OF SKATE CANADA TO ALTER PROCEDURES: The Association reserves the right to alter the overall procedures to be followed during any part of the competitions, if such alteration is considered to be in the best interests of the skaters or the Association. The Technical Representative, Chief Referee, or senior referee present will be the agent of the Association in such an instance. (Rule 7301 (3))


  1. REQUIREMENT FOR A TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE OR CHIEF REFEREE: When two or more events are to be held under the same authority, a Technical Representative or Chief Referee shall be appointed. In conjunction with Skate Canada, he/she shall supervise the preparations and coordinate their conduct and associated functions with the Organizing Committee and referees of the events.
    1. COMPETITIONS REQUIRING A TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE: A Technical Representative shall be appointed for Sectional, Skate Canada Challenge, Canadian Championships, including Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships and International Competitions. He/she shall be appointed as outlined under the regulations for the specific competition.
    2. COMPETITIONS REQUIRING A CHIEF REFEREE: A Chief Referee shall be appointed in all cases, except those noted in (a) above. The responsibilities and authority of the Chief Referee shall be based on those of a Technical Representative.



  1. BID BY HOST CLUB(S) / HOST SECTION: Before offering to host a figure skating competition, the club(s) or section should be aware of the responsibilities and facilities required. If the event is at the National level, this is best achieved by obtaining from the National Office the relevant Competition Manual, which will also contain guidance on preparing the bid and on current Association policy with regard to the event.
    1. LETTER OF INTEREST: The host club(s) should submit a letter of interest to the appropriate authority in the required form so that a decision can be made as to the suitability of the bid.
    2. CONTENT OF APPLICATION TO HOST: The application should contain as much detailed information as possible regarding:
      1. proposed dates;
      2. ice surfaces, and other rink facilities available. Maximum ice surface is 61m x 30m but not smaller than 56m x 26m;
      3. housing - room rates and distance to rinks;
      4. transportation arrangements;
      5. proposed budget;
      6. experienced volunteers available to form the Organizing Committee. The name of the intended General Chairman should be included, as this appointment is subject to the approval of the Association. Detailed guidance concerning the structure of the Organizing Committee is contained in the relevant Competition Manual.


  1. The announcement of a competition shall include the following information:
    1. The name of host club(s)/host Section.
    2. That the competition is sanctioned by Skate Canada (except in the case of club competitions).
    3. That the competition is held under the rules of the Association.
    4. The place and dates of the competition.
    5. The dimensions of the ice surface.
    6. The date of closing of entries shall be as prescribed from time to time by the relevant sanctioning jurisdiction. See also notes for specific championship in question.
    7. The applicable entry fees.
    8. A sample entry form, including instructions for filing.
    9. The specifications for each event and the qualifications for entry.
    10. The music requirements.
    11. The host club(s)/host Section may include supplementary regulations if these do not conflict with the rules of the Association.



  1. ENTRY FEES: Entry fees, if any, shall be set by the Organizing Committee of the competition, except for Skate Canada Challenge Competitions and Canadian Championships.
  2. REFUND OF ENTRY FEES: Entry fees shall be refunded only if the event is not held or if the entry is withdrawn before the date of closing of entries.
  3. LATE ENTRIES: Entries filed after the date of closing of entries specified in the announcement may be accepted only at the discretion of the committee in charge.
  4. REFUSAL OF ENTRY: No entry shall be accepted within forty-eight hours of the time for starting the first event of the competition.



Postponement of the competition shall extend the date of closing of entries to a date to be fixed by the Organizing Committee. Notice of such postponement shall be given to all entrants and all recipients of the original announcement.



  1. ELIGIBLE OFFICIALS REQUIRED: All officials shall be eligible persons. The following officials are required for a competition:
    1. Technical Representative or Chief Referee;
    2. one or more referees who in minor competitions may also act as judges
    3. an odd number of judges, not less than three;
    4. two or more accountants.
  2. OBSERVERS: The President or his delegate may appoint two Association officials to act as observers and may authorize them to be on the ice surface. The President or his delegate shall determine the necessity of such officials being on the ice and the length of time they may remain there.
  3. CLOSELY RELATED PERSONS SHALL NOT OFFICIATE: Closely related persons shall not officiate in any capacity on the same judges’ panel during any competition. See Rule 2502 for definition of closely related family.



The referee’s interpretation of the rules and his decision on all questions not covered by the rules shall be final. (Rule 7301 (4))

  1. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE REFEREE: At all events the referee shall:
    1. rule on all protests and other matters in dispute.
    2. check the eligibility of officials and competitors.
    3. be in complete control of the ice during the competition and the warm-up period preceding it.
    4. change the starting time of an event or make other alterations in the program if necessary.
    5. alter the shape and size of the skating area if necessary.
    6. suspend the skating until order is restored.
    7. See also "Duties of the Referee" in Policies and Procedures.
  2. APPEALING THE DECISIONS OF THE REFEREE: There shall be no appeal from the decision of the referee except regarding:
    1. The determination of the result;
    2. Protests lodged under Rule 7301 (6)
    3. Appeals on the above grounds must be made to the President/Chair of the Board in writing within thirty days of the date of the referee's decision, except protests regarding eligibility which must be made in accordance with Rule 7301 (6)(c).
    4. On receipt of such an appeal, the President/Chair of the Board shall immediately take a vote of the Board of Directors on the appeal. If the appeal is sustained, the President/Chair of the Board shall take appropriate action to correct the decision. There shall be no appeal from the decision of the Board of Directors on such a matter.


1.9 CONDUCT OF COMPETITORS (Rule 7301 (5))

  1. COMPETITORS MUST OBEY OFFICIALS: Competitors are bound to obey implicitly the instructions of the officials in charge of the competition.
  2. SUSPENSION FROM COMPETITION: A competitor who, directly or indirectly, expresses himself in an improper manner regarding the officials or their decisions or regarding the marking of the judges, may be suspended and/or excluded from further competition.


1.10 PROTESTS (Rule 7301 (6))

Refer to CPC Regulations A-145 for the protest policy for events run in CPC and OBO.



The Association and the clubs or organizers of any competition undertake no responsibility for damages or injuries suffered by the skaters. As a condition of and in consideration of their entries therein, all competitors and their parents, or guardians, shall be deemed to agree to assume all risks of injury to the competitor’s person and property resulting from, caused by or connected with the conduct and management of the competition and to release any and all claims which they may have against the officials, the Association and the clubs or organizers holding the competition and against their officers, and their entries shall only be accepted on this condition.


  1. For televising of competitions see Rule 2207.
  2. Use of video equipment is permitted, but if it becomes apparent that such use is detrimental to the Association, then the operator of such equipment must remove it from the rink. Authority to enforce this is vested in the Organizing Committee. Under no circumstances may video recordings be viewed by referees and/or judges prior to the posting of the marks.



Prizes shall be presented to the top three places in each event. In the case of only two entries, each entry shall be awarded a prize. The awarding of prizes for non-qualifying competitions is at the discretion of the organizing committee. For synchronized awards, see Rule E-1.5 below.



Copies of the “Protocol” for each event shall be distributed by the host club within two weeks after the completion of the Championships to the following:

  1. one copy to each of the referees and assistant referees;
  2. one copy to the Section office of the host organizer. Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

(Regulation change approved by the Board of Directors in October 2012, effective immediately.)


1.15 DISCIPLINES (Rule 7302)

Figure skating competitions shall consist of one or more of these disciplines:

  1. INTERPRETIVE SKATING: Subject to the following:
    1. events may consist of single skaters or couples, but all competitors in any event must be of the same type;
    2. women and men shall not compete against each other.
  2. DANCING: Subject to the following:
    1. only groups of similar constitution shall compete against each other;
    2. events may consist of pattern dances, short dance and free dancing separately or together;
    3. the pattern dances shall be skated first if they are included and free dancing shall be skated last.
  3. PAIRS: Subject to the following:
    1. only groups of similar constitution shall compete against each other;
    2. events may consist of a short program and free skating separately or together;
    3. the short program shall precede the free skating if both are included.
  4. SINGLES SKATING: Subject to the following:
    1. women and men shall not compete against each other;
    2. events may consist of short program and free skating separately or together;
    3. the short program shall precede the free skating.
  5. SYNCHRONIZED SKATING: Subject to the following:
    1. Regional Synchronized Skating Championships are the qualifying Skate Canada competitions for National Synchronized Skating Championships, open to all member clubs.
    2. See Section 6000 for specific rules governing Synchronized Skating Competitions that take precedence over other rules for competitions of the Skate Canada as set forth in other parts of the Rule Book. General competition rules shall apply where applicable.
  6. The different portions of an event may be held on the same day.


1.16 SANCTIONS (Rule 7303)

  1. COMPETITIONS REQUIRING A SANCTION: With the exception of club competitions, all competitions conducted under the jurisdiction of the Association or under the joint jurisdiction of the Association and another skating or sponsoring body, require sanction by the Association. Such sanction grants permission for the holding of the competition or championships and for the participation of members of the Association in them.
    1. COMPETITIONS INVOLVING USFSA MEMBERS: All Invitational and Interclub competitions require an Association sanction. If the competition is to include USFSA skaters, a sanction shall also be obtained from the USFSA. If other foreign skaters are to be included, additional sanctions may be necessary. In this latter case, details may be obtained from the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.
    2. INCLUSION OF SANCTION INFORMATION IN PROGRAMS AND ADVERTISEMENTS: All programs and advertisements regarding a sanctioned competition must state that the competition is sanctioned by Skate Canada.
  2. PARTICIPATION OF SKATE CANADA MEMBERS IN NON-SANCTIONED COMPETITIONS: Competitions or championships not under the sole or joint jurisdiction of the Association do not require sanction by the Association, but participation of the Association members in such competitions or championships requires sanction by the Association.
  3. SANCTIONS FOR EXHIBITIONS CONDUCTED AS PART OF A COMPETITION: Any exhibition held by the host authorities within forty-eight hours after the close of the competition shall be considered as part of the competition, and the sanction for the competition shall specify that such an exhibition is approved. The host shall indicate on the application for a sanction that such an exhibition will take place
  4. APPLICATIONS FOR SANCTIONS FOR INTERCLUB OR INVITATIONAL COMPETITIONS: Applications for Interclub, Invitational or other competitions below Sectional level shall be made to the Chair of the Section in which the competition is to be held.
  5. APPLICATIONS FOR ALL OTHER COMPETITIONS: Applications for all other competitions shall be made to the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.



When a situation arises which is not covered by a specific competition rule then an appropriate test rule with necessary modifications shall apply.

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