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Home Organization Policy

Reference: Rule 2201

Revised Date: July 1, 2003


1.0 CHOICE OF HOME ORGANIZATION: The home organization of an eligible person is the member club or skating school through which he/ she registers with the association as an Associate Member. The home organization shall be in the Section in which the skater resides unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors of the Section of the member’s requested home organization. Members who are moving to a new Section may maintain their original home organization. (Rule 2201(1))

1.1 The home organization of a member who intends to compete in a qualifying event must be a Skate Canada member club (Rule 1202 (1)(c )).


2.0 MEMBER OF MORE THAN ONE CLUB/ SKATING SCHOOL: An eligible person may be a member of more than one club or skating school, but can only have one home organization. (Rule 2201(2))

2.1 A member who belongs to more than one club or skating school must advise each organization of which he/ she is a member as to his/ her declaration of a home club not later than September 1st of each year.

2.2 If a member fails to make such declaration, then the first of the organizations to submit the skater’s registration shall be the home organization for season.


3.0 CHANGE OF HOME ORGANIZATION: A member may change his/ her home organization during the skating year, subject to the provisions of the Skate Canada Home Organization Policy. (Rule 2201(3))

3.1 Any member who wishes to change his/her home organization is subject to the following provisions:

    1. The member must have paid, or made provisions to pay, all proper and outstanding debts incurred while his/ her home organization was the intended home organization. Such debts include all amounts owing to that organization or any of its coaches.
    2. The member shall submit to Skate Canada the prescribed Home Organization Change Form with, together with the prescribed Home Organization Change Fee.
    3. Any Home Organization Change request from a member who has competed in a qualifying event during that membership year must be accompanied by the written approval of the original home organization.
      1. A member who has competed in a qualifying event and whose home organization has denied the request for change may appeal this decision first to their home Section and failing satisfactory resolution, this decision may be further appealed to the Rules/Membership Committee whose decision will be final.
    4. The change of home organization shall take effect on the date the request is approved by Skate Canada and communicated to the member.

3.2 The Home Organization Change process is subject to an administrative fee determined and announced by Skate Canada National Office.

3.3 Skate Canada shall notify the member and the affected Sections as to the approval or refusal of the member’s home organization change request within thirty days following Skate Canada’s receipt of the request.

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