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Club Fees & Insurance Premiums Policy

Reference: By-law 1201 (1) (b) (ii), 1201 (1) (c) (viii) and (ix)

Effective Date:

Revised Date: September 2008


1.0 Club fees

The membership fee of a club shall be determined by the Association Board of Directors subject to change from time to time.

New clubs shall pay an initial club fee of $45.00. Such fee shall cover the club until August 31st of the current “membership year” and shall be payable immediately upon request by the Association.

The club fee for each successive “membership year” shall be $45.00 payable to the Association by September 1st or by the start of the club’s first program session each year.

The club is also responsible for registering all club members who pay partial, full or no club fees with the Association. Club members may only be Associate and Restricted members of the Association. The annual fee for an Associate or Restricted member is $32.00. The Association shall supply numerical registration cards for each member.


2.0 Club liability and group accident insurance

In addition to the Club Fee specified above, the Club shall pay such an amount as is necessary to maintain Skate Canada Club Liability and Group Accident insurance coverage as designated in Skate Canada registration instructions issued annually.

Club Liability Insurance Fee $75.00
Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance $95.00**
Ontario Insurance Sales Tax $5.25
Quebec Insurance Sales Tax $6.75
Member Accident Insurance Fee $0.65
Ontario Insurance Sales Tax $0.05
Quebec Insurance Sales Tax $0.06

**(Quebec Exempt)

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