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2502 - Restrictions

  1. A chief data specialist, data specialist, judge, referee, technical controller or technical specialist shall not officiate in an event of a competition, nor shall an evaluator, judge or referee officiate at a test, where any of the following circumstances prevail:
    1. When he/she is currently, or has in the past twelve months been the regular coach/ choreographer of the competitor/candidate.
    2. When the livelihood of the official is dependant on, or is perceived to be dependant on the outcome of the competitor/candidate in a competition or test.
    3. When, due to their personal relationship with the competitor/candidate, or the coach/choreographer of the competitor/candidate, the official can reasonably be considered to be in a conflict of interest.
    4. When he/she is closely related* to the competitor/candidate.
    5. When he/she has been a skating partner of the competitor/candidate during the past twenty-four months in a sanctioned competition or during the past twelve months in a test
    6. When he/she is closely related* to a coach he/she shall not officiate, if the candidate is a pupil of said coach during the past twelve months.
    7. When he/she is under suspension for any reason.
    8. When he/she is closely related* to the dance or pair partner in a test, he/she will not officiate unless prior permission is obtained from the appropriate Section Evaluators/Judges Chair.
    9. Closely related persons* shall not officiate in any capacity in qualifying events (judge, referee, technical controller, technical specialist or assistant technical specialist) on the same officials panel.
    10. In Non-Qualifying Events closely related persons* may sit on the same panel provided no more than one is on the technical panel (TC, TS, ATS, DIO, VRO) and no more than one is acting as a judge. Anyone acting as a referee cannot be a closely related person to any judge or member of the technical panel.
    11. For non-CPC competitions (including but not limited to CanSkate, STAR 1-4, etc.) any restrictions on the composition of a panel of officials will be as per the event procedures published by the association.

      *Note: Closely related is defined as husband, wife (or common law spouse), mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, sister, brother (or step mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother).
  2. When due to extenuating circumstances, a data specialist, or chief data specialist is required to officiate contrary to the above, then the chief referee or technical representative must assume the responsibility to verify the procedures employed and/or the calculated results for the event where the conflict exists.
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