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2201 - Home Organization Affiliation

  1. CHOICE OF HOME ORGANIZATION: The home organization of an eligible person is the member club or skating school through which he/she registers with the Association as an Associate Member. The home organization shall be in the Section in which the skater resides unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors of the Section of the member’s requested home organization. Members who are moving to a new Section may maintain their original home organization.
  2. MEMBER OF MORE THAN ONE CLUB/SKATING SCHOOL DURING A SKATING YEAR: An eligible person may be a member of more than one club or skating school, but can only have one home organization.
  3. CHANGE OF HOME ORGANIZATION: A member may change his/her home organization during the skating year, subject to the provisions of the Skate Canada Home Organization Policy. (See Skate Canada Policies and Procedures)
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