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2102 - Rights and Privileges of Eligible Persons

  1. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: An eligible person is permitted to take part only in international competitions which are: (i) sanctioned by Skate Canada and/or the ISU; (ii) conducted by Skate Canada recognized and approved officials; and (iii) conducted under Skate Canada (and/or ISU) regulations.
  2. EARNING AND RECEIVING REVENUES: An eligible person is permitted to earn or receive revenues from competing, teaching skating, partnering, donations, performing, and participating in sponsorship agreements, and still remain eligible, provided:
    1. the skater complies with the Skater Trust Program established by Skate Canada as per ISU regulations; and,
    2. the skater complies with all other provisions of eligibility regulations.
    1. EXHIBITIONS AND TOURS: Eligible persons may take part in exhibitions and tours which may include ineligible skaters, only if such exhibitions and tours are sanctioned by Skate Canada and/or the ISU.
    2. ISU APPROVED OPEN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: Eligible persons may participate in ISU approved Open International Competitions that include invited ineligible skaters as approved by the ISU.
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