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Accelerated Coaching Program (ACP)

Skate Canada’s LTAD aligned NCCP trains and certifies coaches in context specific to the level of skaters they coach/train. The ACP is designed to integrate competitive skaters and non-resident coaches into the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) through an accelerated path. 

Participants being considered for this program will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the coaching profession and require the competency skill set that is at or equivalent to a NCCP Regional Coach standard:

  • Knowledge of intermediate figure skating skills: jumps, spins, dance patterns, edges and turns, etc.
  • Knowledge of the new STAR 1-5 program philosophy and delivery principles
  • Knowledge of the coaching profession, the NCCP, and ethics in sports
  • Knowledge and application of a well-constructed technical lesson
  • Knowledge of proper skill analysis (error detection and correction) of intermediate figure skating skills
  • Knowledge and application of proper skill progressions of intermediate figure skating skills


Interested participants meeting the following pre-requisites may be given an opportunity to advance to a pre-determined NCCP status upon completion of an individualized action plan assigned by a Skate Canada evaluator/mentor. For an application to be considered, participants must meet the relevant criteria in at least one skating disciplines – singles, ice dance, pair skating, or synchronized skating:


Qualified participants will complete the following steps to be accepted in the Skate Canada Accelerated Coaching Program (ACP):

Step 1: If you meet the above pre-requisites, you may submit an ACP application form. Please note the $500 application fee is required at time of application and is non-refundable. This administrative fee also includes the evaluator/mentor fee. Fees for NCCP courses and evaluations are separate. Part of the application is a submission of a mocked technical lesson of your choice. 

Step 2: Upon receipt, ACP applications will be reviewed by a Skate Canada Coaching Staff and a member of the National Coaching Development Committee upon three business days.

Step 3: Once an application is approved, the applicant will be assigned to a Skate Canada Evaluator/Mentor and notified to complete the following online training modules available on the Skate Canada Education and Training Academy site:

  • CanSkate Coach Training Update
  • STAR 1-5 Program Training
  • STAR 1-5 Assessor Training

ACP participants without a Skate Canada number and/or current membership need to be registered as a registrant with a Skate Canada club or skating school in order to access the on-line modules. Please contact a Skate Canada club in your area to become a registrant.

Step 4: Once the three on-line modules are completed, the ACP participant will email their assigned evaluator/mentor to plan and set-up the interview either in-person or virtually via Skype, Facetime, etc. 

Step 5: Following completion of the interview, an NCCP action plan will be created based on the individual’s current knowledge and experience to obtain one of the following certification options:

  • Option 1: NCCP Regional Coach + Mentorship 
  • Option 2: NCCP Provincial Coach + Mentorship

ACP participants will need to obtain a NCCP # with the Coaching Association of Canada in order for Skate Canada and/or Skate Canada sections to track NCCP achievements. Please be sure to include this number when you register for NCCP course and/or complete a NCCP evaluation.

Note: the training and/or evaluation requirements may vary depending on the individual. Some may be required to take the program training and complete the appropriate evaluation while others may be required to only complete the evaluation requirements of a specific NCCP program. Depending on the interview outcome, a participant may be given a trained Regional Coach status or a trained Provincial Coach status. 

Step 6: Upon successful completion of the NCCP action plan, next step will be to obtain a registered Skate Canada Professional Coach in good standing status. Information on obtaining this status is accessible on the Info Centre via the Professional Coach Membership Procedure.

Although the accelerated program may allow someone to fast-track to higher NCCP levels, we highly recommend coaches to complete the necessary training and evaluation requirements to build a wide range of sport and generic skills to develop skaters at all levels within our evolving sport.

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