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2016-2017 Technical Q&A #8 - Competitive Skate & STARSkate - Singles & Pairs (March 15, 2017)


A skater falls on the first foot of an intended change foot flying combination spin.  She executes more than 3 revs in a flying camel spin position but then falls as she is changing feet.  The skater then stands up and continues the spin on the other foot while performing 2 revs in a sit position and 2 revs in an upright position, both in difficult variations.

The following reference can be found in the ISU Technical Panel Handbook – Singles: Spins/General/page 1:  If the skater falls when entering a spin, a spin or a spinning movement is allowed immediately after this fall (for filling time purpose) with this spin/movement not being counted as an element.

As the skater did not fall while entering the spin and, instead of just including a “spinning movement”, she completed the spin itself, including difficult variations, what is the correct call? 

Should this be identified as 2 separate spins or should it be considered as 1 spin element?


The spin should be considered as 1 element.  The spin is considered as concluded once the fall occurs, and any aspects of the spin that are included after the fall are considered as a spinning movement for filling time purpose, and not as a separate spin element.  This applies even if the skater executes spin positions in difficult variations after the fall.

The correct call for this element as described would be FCSpB.

See Video Example

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