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2016-2017 Technical Q&A #7 - Competitive Skate - Application of Bonus to Invalidated Elements (February 21, 2017)


A Juvenile skater executes a Double Axel that results in a Bonus being applied.  This element is then invalidated during the Review process due to a Well Balanced Program error.

In this situation, does the Bonus remain, or does the Technical Controller need to instruct the DIO to remove the Bonus?


In this situation, the Bonus will be removed.  If the skater does not receive the Base Value / GOE points for the execution of an element, they will not receive the Bonus associated with that element.

The Technical Controller will instruct the DIO to remove any Bonus associated with an element that has been invalidated.  This is the case for both the Short Program or Free program and for all levels and disciplines where an element receives a bonus. 



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