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NCCP Update: Regional and Provincial Coach

NCCP Update: Regional and Provincial Coach

(January 2016)

Skate Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) continues to reflect the guiding principles and philosophies of Skate Canada’s LTAD and its programs. Following the implementation of the National Coach program, the Regional Coach (formerly Primary STARSkate Coach) and Provincial Coach (formerly Intermediate STARSkate/Provincial Coach [ISPC]) contexts are the next coaching programs to be revised.


The philosophy behind the NCCP model is to ensure that coaches who certify in a coaching context have the competency to coach at the appropriate level of LTAD as shown in the model. For example, Provincial Coach (in the Competitive Stream of the NCCP) should represent coaches who have the competency to coach Pre-Novice skaters at the Learn to Compete stage. This philosophy is also integrated into the new coach accreditation policy (being implemented July 1, 2017).

Regional Coach (formerly Primary STARSkate) Update:

New curriculum is being developed to encompass the new STAR 1-5 Program and replace the current Primary STARSkate Coach course. The NCCP Regional Coach program will educate coaches on how to develop skaters at the Learn to Train and Active for Life stages. This program will consist of three steps to certification, including in-training, trained and certified statuses. The in-training and trained material is anticipated to be available in the summer of 2017. Please note, there will be some overlap with old and new courses. A transition and action plan will be released at a later date for coaches who have started their training in the old pathway.

*Please note this is a high level overview


Provincial Coach (formerly ISPC) Update:

Provincial Coach courses will remain the same however will be re-structured into three steps of certification; including in-training, trained, and certified statuses.

To reflect LTAD alignment, the Intermediate STARSkate pathway will be removed from the Provincial Coach (formerly ISPC) Pathway. This means that the Free Skate and Ice Dance portfolios at the STARSkate level will be phased-out. The sunset date for this portfolio will be December 31, 2017. After this date the Provincial Coach Portfolio will only be accepted with pre-novice skaters. Completing Provincial Coach portfolios with senior bronze/junior silver and juvenile skaters will no longer be accepted after this date.*Please note that this program will be revised at a later date.

Should you have any questions about the information above, please contact Kaitlan Lavis, Coach Development Coordinator at

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